culture heritage

roshow people adhere to four kinds of spirits

four kinds of spirits: travel all over the mountains; go through untold hardships; speak out a thousand words; come up with every possible means

traveled all over the mountains, gone through untold hardships, do a thousand words, come up with every possible means

entrepreneurial spirit

entrepreneurial spirits that work hard and is willing to delicate; combatant spirits that constantly strive to become stronger; creative spirits that take action before others and forge ahead; mission spirits that devote to the country with industry and returns society; professional dedication spirits that are responsible to work and persue excellence.

enterprise mission

roshow’s mission is to build a platform to employees to achieve their value, create a outstanding brand known in the world market for nation and build a century old strong enterprise with international competitiveness and high sense of social responsibility. the enterprise can not go far without lofty mission.

enterprise vision

the future roshow is a century old shop pround by people, a material and spiritual home for employees, a strong enterprise with high tech manufacturing, international business. roshow shows world’s brand, smiling at hundred years of glorious

four constructions
globalization of management, modernization of ideas, intellectualization of employees, hommization of management