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diversified investment area

jiangsu dingyang green tech electric limited zhuji branch

roshow technology is located in the town of zhejiang capital market - town of zhuji, zhejiang province is one of the most growing enterprises, as the country's key high-tech enterprises. china's top 500 machinery. companies under the jurisdiction of a number of holding subsidiaries, the company listed on the shenzhen stock exchange in august 2011, the stock code is 002617.

in 2017, ding yang green become a wholly-owned subsidiary of technology roshow technology, adhering to the advanced management concept, ding yang green science and technology as the guide, service as guarantee, emphatically improve the technological content of products and engineering, carefully build the flow of photovoltaic operation services, is committed to the field of solar energy to provide solutions, including investment and operation of distributed photovoltaic power plants, photovoltaic power plant floor and epc general contracting. at present, the country has successfully put into operation the largest single distributed power station, and has put into operation the largest data management center, to ensure the best efficiency of each project for 25 years, continuous operation and maintenance of power generation.