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lu xiaojun, chairman of the board

the chinese nation has entered a period of great rejuvenation. it is urgent to create a number of enterprises with strong international competition to become a century old business. roshow shuold bear such historical mission as a rooted in the land of china, with the soul of a nation, determined to serve the country industrial enterprises. roshow’s achievements of a hundred years relys on generations of people who agreee with roshow’s culture to finish. therefore, we require everyone who wants to get development, bear roshow’s duty and work for roshow should accept and perform roshow’s culture and become a reader, the practitioner, the rich and the communicator for roshow’s culture.


chief executive lu yong

retaining talent is to retain the core of the company. in this way the company will never be afraid of losing competitiveness. sometimes, money is not the most important thing. the support in spirit can develop more firm and deep feelings. as a business operator, the most important thing is to share joys and sorrows with your employees, not just give money.