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development history

roshow shows world’s brand, smiling at hundred years of glorious. with the development strategy of “three introduction”, “three innovation” and “three doing”, roshow is full of confidence to develop a bright future by creating a new advantage with wisdom and efforts in the tide of economic globalization.

from small factory to private enterprise(1984 to 1998)

roshow comes form zhuji meichi motor towning experiment factory. in 1984, mr. lu together with his wife ms.li opened meichi motor towning factory (later changed its name to zhiji piston valve factory) in a simple shed at home with 3000 yuan. in 1996, in the support of meichi government, lu xiaojun restructured a real private enterprises by decoupling system---zhuji roshow packaging container co.,ltd. from this moment, roshow appreared in front of people as a company name.

develop into a stronger and bigger enterprise

in the 1990s, household electrical appliances, such as air conditioning, refrigerators, color tv, had entered the ordinary chinese family. roshow quickly seized this opportunity, took the lead in the adjustment of industrial structure and made a bold decision that started to produce high grade enameled wire suit for air conditioner, refrigerator, color tv. in july, 1999, zhuji roshow packaging container co.,ltd changed its name to zhejiang roshow machinery manufacturing co.,ltd. in august, 2002, roshow entered turbocharger field, which had high technical content and was difficult to manufacture. also the domestic market is almost monopolized by foreign companies. through serval years hard work, independent research and development of marine turbocharger rs-zn350 won zhejiang science and technology progress two prize; rs marine turbocharger project was listed in the national torch program and acceptance. 6-year competitions laid a solid foundation for roshow’s products and brands and greatly improve company’s technological innovation capability and manufacturing level, which made roshow a big success in the fierce market competition. through big three competitions, roshow finished a strategic adjustment of industrial structure successfully and shaped core competitive power in the process of change and innovation.

the company developed into group scale(2006 to 2010)

until 2006, roshow had begun to take shape with the total assets of more than 1 billion yuan. its technological innovation capability, product manufacturing and enterprise management level, brand influence, industry status and so on had reached a certain height. in order to accelerate the development of enterprises, roshow group co.,ltd was found in november, 2006 approved by relevant departments. in march, 2008, roshow entered into the highest end of the industrial chain-- ultra fine enameled wire production filed. roshow group’s subsidiary---roshow technology co., ltd. completed shareholding system reform on may, 2008 and successfully listed in shenzhen stock exchange in september, 2011. roshow entered into a a period of rapid development in history. in 2009, roshow entered into china machinery top 500.

roshow is on the way of transformation, upgrading and industrial development( from 2011 to now)

roshow regards industrial transformation and upgrading as a breakthrough and changes  traditional industries into strategic emerging industries. on the basis of the existing industry, roshow starts to develop emerging industries, such as modern agriculture, new energy, new material, low carbon economy, investment management and military software. in 2013, roshow found joint venture biel roshow sapphire co.,ltd; in 2015, roshow started to develop modern argriculture and found shunyu science and technology stock co.,ltd in beijing. the company carried out large-scale investment and development in hebei, shanxi, shandong and inner mongolia to accelerate the capital and industry docking. at the same time, roshow becomes a big enterprise group by taking the real economy as the leading factor, taking the high tech industry as the core and taking the investment service as the key to build core competitive power.