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talent strategy

talents are roshow’s the most valuable wealth, core competitiveness and future hope.

telents make roshow success and roshow help talents develop.

respect for personality and cherish talent; care for life and protect human rights; understand human relationship and improve character;

we will put those in an important position who have both moral character and ability;

we will develop those who have moral character but lack ability.

we will restrict to hire those who has alility but lack moral character.

we refuse those who have neither moral character nor moral character.

we will hire those who can change their thought and improve their moral character, and we will fire those who can not change their thoght and haven’t moral character.

the company develops employees with advanced culture, attracts them with good future, encourage them with competitive mechanism and agglomerates them with grand carrer.

the job makes your alibility visible; the carrer offers you a good future; the culture develops your moral character; responsibility helps you success.