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2016 roshow group annual meeting held ceremoniously
release time: 2017-01-22      author:office

on january 15, 2017, roshow group 2016 annual meeting held ceremoniously at multifunction room, new energy district, west zhuji. all subsidiary companies managers above middle class, staff representatives, supplier representatives in zhuji or outside zhuji, together with group’s principal respoonsible people above middle class attended the meeting.

the office building was decorated into a new apperance with lights in bright and flowers blooming.  the theme of “ surpass dream and win the future together” was hung on the multifunctional hall rostrum.

enterprise publicity film displayed by stage multimedia exhibits roshow’s unique culture and the bright future of various industries. the annual meeting was held by vice presideng cheng ming.

at the beginning of the meeting, the group commended 3 units, including aiduo photovoltaic, who are awarded 2016 “ strategic cooperation suppliers”. roshow science and technology together with 9 subsidiary companys made a brief review about their 2016 work and made a speech to 2017 business objectives. group president, chairman of roshow science and technology, lu yong made a new year speech on the theme of “opportunity, challege, excellence and win-win”, which got a strong resonate among participants.

after listening to the speeches, lu xiaojun, group chairman of the board, gave an important speech on the theme of “build a dream on roshow and struggle forward”. he specially put forward that we should seize the historical opportunity of the development of new energy and exert worker’s intelligence via the stage advantage of roshow. in respective posts, we need to innovate with breaking the shackless, go all out in work by ovecoming difficulies, struggle with all your heart and achieve new development with “new throughts, new idea, new technology and new creation” by leading new normal.