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"lou smile" brand successfully extend famous trademark of zhejiang province
release time: 2017-11-16      author:dew smile technology/jin jun

this newspaper news reported that the industrial and commercial administration bureau of zhejiang province has articles and continuation of famous trademark of zhejiang province from 2017 to 2019.roshow technology co., ltd. "lou smile" trademark on the list.

dew smile technology is one of the main electromagnetic wire products supplier in china, is the nation's largest aluminium electromagnetic wire and one of ultra micro electromagnetic wire products production base.the successful extension province famous trademark of 9 kinds of insulated copper wire, wire is dew smile technology of traditional product advantage products.its production, sales, profit, market share and other major economic indicators in the country is in a leading position in the industry.

acknowledgment and continuation is in zhejiang province famous trademark of zhejiang province people's government in accordance with relevant state laws, regulations, and zhejiang provincial people's government of the recognition and regulations on the protection of famous trademark of zhejiang province held a governmental important economic activity, all designed to effectively protect the famous trademark of zhejiang province and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to promote the province of provincial economic development.