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luxiao group held administrative management meeting
release time: 2018-02-09      author:correspondents group office / zhu yi

on february 9, 2018, luxiao group held an administrative management meeting. all the administrative and human resources personnel of the zhuji regional group and its subsidiary companies participated in the meeting. chairman of the board of directors lu and group vice president ma xiaoyuan attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

the administrative management will explain the adjustment of the supervisors. comrade lou jian, former director of the office of the group company, will no longer serve as the director of the office because of job transfer. comrade fang daiyan, deputy director of the group office, will be responsible for the overall administration of the group. at the meeting, comrade min yan made a statement of position.

after listening to everyone’s speeches, group vice president ma xiaoyuan said that laughter is a “home” for everyone and a big team. in the big stage of corporate development, young people have great achievements. everyone has equal opportunities to participate in competition. there is a rising channel and i hope that with the joint efforts of the new team, starting from a new starting point, the group's administrative management and service work will be more effective and outstanding.

the chairman of the board, chairman lu, said to all administrative and human resources personnel that the group management work conference held today is the last meeting in 2017 and the starting meeting in 2018. the new people’s new atmosphere and new vitality are the key to the determination and focus. in confidence, the administrative work is like pushing two people to push a car, and energetically pushing forward and backward in the same direction, the vehicle will be able to move steadily and steadily.

chairman lu pointed out that corporate administration must be speeded up in terms of system implementation, service guarantees, coordination and communication, supervision and inspection, and 'four safety management'. standardization, normalization, and normalization should be adopted. responsibility plays an important role in coordinating the work of production, management, and finance of administrative service companies, and working hard to create a new situation in the management of exposed laughter.

chairman lu finally requested the administrative department not only to do a good job of supervising and inspecting the safety and security of companies and factories during the holiday season, but also to carry out propaganda work for the safety of personal property on the way back to their hometown.

the meeting was chaired by the party secretary shao guoxian.

chairman of the board of directors lu xiaojun speaks at the administrative management meeting