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18-year unrepentant experience
release time: 2017-03-09        author:by wu shaoying

my story about growth

sometimes, witness is also a kind of glory.

it was an important year for my life transform in 1996. this year i came to roshow and worked here for 18 years. i not only witnessed roshow’s development history form a small workshop to a big company during 18 years, but also spent my most beautiful youth here. i experienced the roshow’s whole process by myself from a family workshop type auto parts factory, to the packaging container factory, and then to the national enameled wire industry leader. prior to this, i worked as a carpet worker at zhuji carpet factory. but earlier, i was recognized as a good actor in fujian opera troupe. but i eventually gave up my job too far away from home.

i started from the most basic paint operators, to paint the monitor, director, until the production of deputy chief during 18 years. it could be said that it is roshow that gave my new platform in my life, which help me success. many people hate the job when they do it, but i love my job when i do it. i can sing life’s truth as a actor, can weave a fine carpet as a carpet worker and i work seriously when i make enameled wire. only ask more and study hard can you learn real skills. at that time, there were 5 experts from ma anshan. i followed an enameled teacher called wang mingxiang and was afraid to miss any small operating process. i gradually had a preliminary understanding of the basic knowledge and operating essentials of enameled wire in the master's earnest instructions. at that time, because i had to learn too much knowledge, i still face many difficulties in front of the specific work. however, at that time, i adhered to be a good roshow people. “a man who can bear hardships only is hard for half of life; a man who can not bear hardships needs to spend hardships all his life.”

i remembered the words of chairman lu xiaojun firmly.

on july, 1999, electromagnetic wire factory first coating machine entered into the workshop.

at that time, president lu xiaojun, chief engineer of xu jiliang and the teachers from ma'anshan togather with our workers, guided the exploration process on the site, explored techonology, changed equipment and studied the operation technology hardly every day. the window could not be open to avoid the dust entering into the production site. the temperature was always around 45 degrees in that small workshop, all the people in the workshop were sweating. some people even suffered from heat stroke. but no one gave up and is united as one. through 20 days hard work, the first batch of high temperature resistant 200 enameled wire had been produced with equipment made in china. after so many years, my heart gets excited whenever i think of this thing. it can be said that each of the major development of roshow gave me different training opportunities. it is my personal spiritual wealth which roshow gives to me.

with the improvement of product quality, the roshow’s territory of the market has been expanded. in 2005, the company entered into the enameled aluminum round wire project and arranged me to create roshow special line with the center of aluminum line and appointed me as a factory director. i started to work with big efforts and set up a hard working team to study technology and management within serval monthes. as was know to all, the tensile strength of aluminum wire could not be compared with copper wire because of congenital defects of aluminum raw materials, which was easy to imagine the difficulties in the development process. the machine could not work at day and night. the string was broken while the machine started to work. i together with other artisans explored when we opened the machine again and again. operator started to calm down to test the machine one by one. finally special wire factory produced high-quality high-temperature enameled aluminum round wire. looking at a barrel of packed new products, my tired face smiled.

i am a mother with two children. my old daugher has married and also works for roshow. the younger son is nine years old and goes to grade two in primary school. when it comes to my son, i feel so sad. on july, 2006, i came back to work after gave birth to my som less than two months. because the company had just developed a new enamelled round aluminium wire project and  had been officially put into operation. as a facotry director, i worked at workshop at day and night. the child had to give her mother-in-law to care. in order to solve the problem of feeding children for only two months old baby , i had to bring them to the facotry and fed my son during working space. but i was too busy to care for my son. he sometimes cried because of hungry and slept when he was tired.

in 2008, the company launched a new challenge to the enameled wire project again and started to develop ultra-fine enamelled wire. the company found me again. we only used 86 days from building new factory to preparing new equipment and starting to produce. because ultra fine line is a new project with higher technical content which roshow had not met before, we needed to study experience from others. therefore, i took ten experienced workers to learn related knowledge from people of the same trade. we started to install the equipments while debugging after we came back with exploring heart. finally we finished all equipments of installation and testing and successfully produced the minimum gauge 0.028 super fine enameled wire and developed domestic copper to instead imported copper technology. i was full of confidence to say this time that we had created roshow speed again.

as a director of factory and a senior party member in roshow, i must contribute my strength when the danger is coming. the responsibility is higher than anything. at 6:00pm, april 21, 2010, a heavy rain hit the diankou with a strong wind. suddenly the street and the house was full of the water. i was worried that the water would went to the workshop and hurrily came back there without eating dinner. indeed, the rain came into the workshop through the roof because of heavy rain and wind. if we do not take timely measures, once the water tank will cause damage to the circuit, the consequences could be disastrous. i immediately rolled up my trouses and built a canopy for machine, and then picked up a broom to sweep out the water. all the canopy were built for those machine which might be entered into water. the machine still worked with enameled wire unloaded and dry empty tray loaded. when everything was ready, i and the staff began to check every roll of the unloaded wire to see whether it was wet. we made the classification to enameled wire. the wet enameled wire was regarded as useless wire. it should be stripped of the outer layer if it was damp. then we brought some high power blower to blow dry to the barrel whose outer layer had been dealt with. enameled wire surface should keep absolutely dry, even if the high humidity of the air would affect the quality of the product.

so we must deal with those wires that may be wet and also dry those which did not touch water. we never turned the quality hazard to the customers.

the life is always full of opportunies and challenges. on february, 2013, i was transferred to jiangzao industrial park and built roshow electronic wire factory as a deputy manager of production. roshow special wire factory comes from electronic wire factory, which is responsible for all enamelled wire production tasks now with 100 installed gross. we tested all equipments withim five months and took them into production. it was easily imagined the difficulties during the process. as a leader, what you beared was not a task but more a mission to coordinate all the departments. being a roshow people, we have always to carry forward the spirits of “ three constructions”, “four introduces” and “four thousands”. what comforted me that i only only have a good boss but a strong management team, such us fang haobing, minister of technology, director yang jianping and workshop director bo qiaoli. chairman ru and this team will give me the endless strength when i feel helpless and powerless every time. therefore, i sincerely thank them very much for their support.

there is a saying, operating a company is more difficult than entrepreneurship. i started my career step by step without regretness during 18 years. although there are ups and downs, what i get is more than this. i learn too much during 18 years, especially in management. a staff can not be an excellent leader if he is not good at communicating and listening to other’s oppions. when i became a monitor, i gradually found that our group’s quality could not improve through i had good technique skills, which confused me more. later, i had found that some new operators did not know how to work during our communication. but the leaders always blamed them and let them afraid to tell their questions, which caused a inactive attitude. when i found the reason, i started to change the former management pattern and initiatively to communicate with my staff and management personnel. i paid more attention to their life and explained the operating knowledge of enameled wire to them patiently. gradually, their work enthusiam was improved and constantly got good grades in the work. most of my group members become roshow’s technical backbone and management personnel. these years, i eat and live in the factory and regard it as my home. i never think to have a weekend. i guessthe most effective way for a senior staff to acchieve his value is to be responsible for teaching and helping new worker. roshow’s development can not be separated from the fresh blood injection, from the absorption and acceptance of advanced corporate culture. i hope i can inspire every employee in roshow and act as a flag. i always say that i become a deputy manager of production and show myself at this big platform as a normal woman, which can be said that i enjoy my honor on the shoulder of giant. seeing the construction and putting into new production of new factories,  my heart feels relaxed with the matual help by leaders and workmates.

what do you want to do if you feel relaxed? i sang quiet and silent bridal chamber  in the stage again  in 2013 roshow cultural show. my heart became so warm when i listened to the audience applause off the stage.