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a person has close relations with quality inspections
release time: 2017-03-09        author:ro group

golden autumn in october with winds breezing, roshow’s factory can be seen in this field full of hope which has rows of neat and beautiful buildings, a neat and clean workshop as well as a bunch of flowers a wild profusion of vegetation. steping on this land full of feeling, she is familiar with every road and workshop here. however, she has worked for roshow for 13 years, who is fang chaoqun, a communist and qc supervisor.

fang chaoqun is one of members who is young but has more than 10 years working experience. born in 1971, she entered into roshow packaging container factory( roshow group predecessor) on october, 1997. she planed for her future and job at the first step she entered into roshow. “as a qc supervisor for ten years, now you have strong team members. it does work if the company gives pressure to you?” she smiles with deep dimple on her face, which shows her perseverance, self-confidence, steel strong unyielding personality.

in 1999, the factory started technical reform and turned to produce enameled wire from packaging container. in october this year, fang chaoqun became an enamelled wire tester from operation making coke bottle. everything need to start from scratch after she started to do a new work when the entperise entered into a new industry. howevere, she was promoted to qc supervisor because of her hard work in studying the enameled wire inspection technology. it was not long since she stepped to management position and there are many things to be done. moreover, she should help other qc supervisors improve operative skills and teach them all her experience in inspection methods and operations. however, it is a exercise and a trial as a qc supervisor. she does this job till today with an aggressive heart.

as a qc supervisor, she deeply know her responsibility on her shoulder. she will be eliminated through selection if she has not strong technology and systematic business knowledge. with the changeable science and technology, constantly refurbished inspection means, high quality product requirements, fang chaoquan does hard work in every product’s quality inspection and studys many theoretical knowledges of enameled wire inspection by herself, and also actively participates in the trade associations organized by the business knowledge and operational skills training. at the same time, she actively participates in new product development and process improvement activities organized by the company. on october, 2007, 220 grade polyimide / polyamide imide composite enamelled round aluminium wire developed by company passed zhuji science and technology plan project acceptance held by zhuji science and technology bureau and was awarded second class prizes of municipal science and technology. on december same year, she participated in provincial economic and trade commission commissioned the heat bonded polyester overcoated with polyamide - imide enamelled round copper wire new product development project and passed provincial new product appraisal successfully. it was reported on zhejiang economic and trade [2007]538 new product appraisal results book that the product adopts double hearth, four painting process with stable winding force and line diameter, whose main performance indicators to reach the domestic leading level. after one year on november, 2008, the 220 composite enamelled round aluminium wire science promotion project passed acceptance by he zhuji municipal science and technology bureau of experts.

fang chaoqun and her workmates spent much time and energy in the drafting and revision of the national standard of enameled wire. they organized training for all qc supervisors and analysis relevant technical standards and data at the same time, and then organized a manuscript according to national standard and finished the more than twenty national standards in the drafting of the six chapter standards successfully, which abtained honor for enterprise and made a big contribution. at the same time, the company 's various types of products transfer from the 1990 version of the standard inspection to the standard version 2008 smoothly and there is no impact on production due to standard conversions.

 on june, 2008, roshow group invested heavily on the new ultra micro enameled wire project. it was a new technology for production of ultra - fine enameled wire, though there were ten years experience for company to produce enameled wire.

fang chaoqun starts to move her work focus to ultra-fine enamelled wire. she and workmates put all their heart to study this slender products. they explore in the production and never give up any details. by using co-ordination and computer software tools, they made monthly statistics of the quality indicators and then draw a graph, column graphics and other graphics to do systematic analysis of product quality trends, from which to find key factors affecting product quality and methods of solving problems to improve product’s quality. and it was better to transfer from the post inspection of product quality to the preventive control. on december, 2008, super fine enameled copper wire developed by company passed identification of scientific and technological achievements organized by zhejiang joint government science and technology evaluation center. identification letter records: roshow science and technology stock co.,ltd develops its own super fine enameled copper wire, whose technology leads domestic level.  the products comply with national related standard requirements  tested by national wire and cable quality supervision and inspection center, whose detection means and environmental protection measures can meet the production requirements. the development of the product was successful, which is the result of the efforts of both the fang chaoqun and her colleagues.

quality inspection work is a knowledge, professional work, which needs serious and scientific attitude and careful work style. fang chaoqun accumulates a set of dielectric loss curve analysis experience in the long term work. combined this experience with company’s advanced dielectric loss detector, she identifies the samples from customers many times, especially in actual thermal level higher than that of the identified heat level. they make new sample according to medium analysis and soon get quickly recognized by customers, which create favorable conditions for the sales department to speed up the process of market development.

spring is still very cold in february, but the early spring is swaying in the cold wind to greet the arrival of spring. one day in february, roshow accepts quality complaints from beijing enbu lake company. in the case of prior invalid communication between the two parties, in order to win the trust of our customers, at the same time to prove the correctness of our views, the company sent a fang chaoqun and a laboratory technician with sample line along the way to beijing. during 12 hours journey at airplane, she was too busy to appreciate the scenery on the way but quietly thought about how to communicate with customers and how to get our lab results approved by our customers. they hurried to go to customer’s factory as they arrived in beijing and communicated with their technical staff face to face. they elaborated the quality of our products and test results patiently and then use the comparative analysis method to make test, and then determined experimental results on site. finally, the customer sincerely was convinced to confirm the testing methods and results, which successfully resolve the product quality disputes and won the honor and faith for the company through ten years study and hard work, fang chaoqun pays much but gains much in return at this position. on 2006 national wire and cable inspection skills competition, she was awarded “the first national wire and cable inspection workers vocational skills competition award”; she won the title of zhuji second  vocational skills leaders in 2007 by zhuji federation of trade unions; on october, 2009, fang chaoqun again won zhuji third “vocational skills leaders” and shaoxing “vocational skills leader”. she was the only person in the list of shaoxing “vocational skills leader”. all honors are connected with a series of story, which is both the higher authorities and the company's affirmation of her work and a spur to her future. these honors belongs to fang chaoqun as well as roshow group.

“i love roshow since i entered into roshow. it is enterprise that develops me and make me constantly promoted.  with the enterprise developing so fastly, there are too much knowledge i need to learn. so i need to keep constantly learning.” her plain and sincere words show her noble sentiment and high dream to work. she worked as qc supervisor since may, 2000 with 4 or 5 group member. now she manages 10 inspection room, 2 laboratory, more than and 100 laboratory testing equipment, more than 100 quality inspection (testing) personnel, responsible for the whole process of quality inspection and monitoring of enameled copper wire, enameled aluminum round wire, ultra fine enameled wire three categories, more than ten types of products, hundreds of specifications to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality. more than 100 people are equivalent to a force and she needs to turn her role from “monitor” to “female commander”. also she needs to set a good example in team construction and do good team work to stimulate the initiative and creativity of all qc personnel and ensure the scientific, standardized and efficient inspection work. five quality inspectors have to go management position taught by her and get intermediate inspection in national industry competition.

four seasons circulate the whole year. if 13 years can be expressed to a person’s growth, a bady has grown up to a teenager now. she devotes her beautiful youth to roshow and her favorite career for 13 years. now she has spent his 37 years birthday and needs to bear the pressure of family, work and life. the gray hair has climbed to her head maybe because of hard work or work pressure. when i asked her: “will you leave roshow if there's a better place for you to develop?” she answered that i joined the party in roshow and became a qc supervisor. i have close relations with quality inspections at my rest of life. the plain work reflects her feelings of love to enterprise and loyalty to work. she is still continuing her qc dream.