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the choice between work and familial affection
release time: 2017-03-09        author:ro group

a interview of feng weifang, a workshop director of special line enamelled fourth workshop

feng weifang is a workshop director of special line enamelled four workshop. she entered into roshow group in 2001 and was promoted to first workshop enamelled class monitor after two years via her hard work, and then became deputy director of four workshop, after half an year, officially appointed as workshop director. actually we are not surprised for her promotion every time. i find that she has a strong sense of responsibility to work and is good at communication and learning.

spring festival is china’s traditional festival, which represents happiness and reunion. but for feng weifang, spring festival in 2010 together with whole lunar january were full of suffering and self blame.

her father was diagnosed with a terminal illness in 2009. 2010 spring festival was coming. her father’s health went from bad to worse because of cancer cell proliferation and had to go to hospital in the company of families at 6th day of the first lunar month. after completing the formalities and related matters, director feng told to her father that she had to go to workshop and so many things waiting to be dealt with. her father did not what to let his daugher go but eventually did not keep his closely and favorite daughter. though director feng wanted to care for her father, she knew that her father’s life was going to the end. but she finally decided to go to work and gave up to care for her father.

when director feng visited her father again after 5 days, she found that father was hard to spoke, which aroused the deep pain in her heart for just 5 days. maybe her father had realised his healthy condition that he required other families went back home except his daugher. “dad, i wanted to care for you because you had little time now” in her inner monologue tears could not help quietly flow. facing with the father who would leave the world at any time and many difficult problems to be solved in the factory, she still chose the work again. she came back to work the second day after she was careful to appease her father. after few days she was disturbed by a hurried telephone call from her brother when she was at meeting. her brother said that the father was in bad situation now and needed her to come to hospital as soon as possible. she came to hospital hurrily with husband after day off. at this moment, her father could not speak now and his consciousness had become blurred. it was a pity that she could no longer hear father’s voice . family discharged formalities for father with the help with hospital.  director feng still went to work at the rest of her father’s life, only to care for father at night.

father’s situation went to bad day by day. feng weifang wanted to ask for leave to care for father. but the thing went to opposite side when she asked for leave because weiling company would inspect roshow at this moment. weiling company was the biggest customer for roshow. all roshow people attached great importance to this inspection. though how she wanted to accompany father to spend the rest of his life, she needed to prepare many materials and work for this inspection. the company would lose this big customer if she made any mistake. she did not want to influence company’s benefit. in those days she was always standing alone in a corner and weeping silently, and then continued to work. finally the inspection from weiling company ended successful through the joint efforts of the company. maybe her father had realised his daughter’s difficulty and left the world in the company of all the family members at that night after weiling company’s inspection. feng weifang could not sleep well for serval days because of her father. she might have had a rest after father’s leave. but she had to come back to company to participate in a meeting within one hour.

everyone could understand director feng’s hard choice between father and work at this moment. but she just said slightly that every director at roshow would do the same choice without any hesitation facing with the similar situation.

though it is not long since i come to roshow, i have found the situation of four workshop goes from good to better day by day, which can not leave all staff’s efforts and  be separated from feng weifang sincerely pay. it is her behavior that moves every staff.