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management lies in responsibility and ability
release time: 2017-03-09        author:ro group

a special interview of zhan dongfang, a director of two workshop

zhang dongfang looks  genteel with glasses on her face. but people who understand her may know that she is not genteel in management.

as a group second workshop of electromagnetic wire workshop, she has had 10 years job experience since she entered into roshow on october 8, 2000. at first she was a ordinary enameled wire operator and was promoted as a monitor because of excellent work in 2004. then she was appointed as director of third workshop in 2007. this year she becomes the director of second workshop.

this transfer in february can be regarded as a mission at the edge of a clif.  the second workshop did not comply with company’s requirement whether in workshop personnel management and system execution or in yield and quality before director zhan arrived. so the company has appointed zhan dongfang, who is a little known in the management workshop, to be the director of the workshop. the miracle apprears within just 2 monthes: there are big improvement in the sanitation of the workshop, the enthusiasm of the staff as well as product’s yield and quality. how zhang dongfang did to improve all things? let’s go to know her.

she attaches much importance to on-site enviroment. the first thing she did was to change the site on the first day on february 3 she entered into the workshop.  she deeply knew that it could not produce high quality products without good environment. so she strictly required staff to change the workship environment. she knew that work could not be done by one step.  so she started the work step by step.

shop management was in accordance with the requirements of 5s. workshop’s appearance gets totally improved  by every days’ efforts.

she is strict with herself and her staff with same rewards and punishments. zhan dongfang is very strict with herslf and tries her best to do everything. she treats the same principle to her staff. she always teaches her staff that you should set a good example and are fair in the job, that everything should be done strictly according to standard, that you can not do anything successful if you do not adhere to his principle. zhan dongfang does what she says. she likes to set a standard when they start to do things. whether she or her staff must comply with this standard. she cleans up every machine by herself and let the staff clean the machine according to this standard. anyone who does not reach this standard must clean again until he reaches this standard.  now if staff see that zhang dongfang is cleaning the machine, they will clean the machine consciously. she will use a combination of criticism and punishment measures to those who do bad work, which makes staff convinced sincerely.

she has a good relationship with them with her prestige appearing.

she is good at communication with staff. she has accumulated rich experience during ten years work at roshow. she will discuss with staff when the problems appear every time: why appears this problem? how to solve it? how to avoid this problem in future? all staff  can understand what she says with her simple explanation. this kinds of problem will not happen in future, which is zhan dongfang's other clever place.

she attaches great importance to the development of monitor because she realises that it do not work if this big workship just relies on her. she need to monitor to help her. so she teaches every monitor in job attitudes, job skills as well as management method without any reservations. she will double publish every monitor and strictly criticise them when they make mistake.  she requires that every monitor can set a good example to abtain staff’s respect.

she makes plan for her work. she always knows what she should do at next step which owe to her good habit of plan making in advance. she make a conclusion everyday before she sleep. what  i have done today? what i done well? what needs to be improved? what should i do tomorrow? the things will be done orderly the second day before make a plan in advance.

she pays much attention to the class meeting. she thinks it is the good platform for communication, which help them find questions and work out it. she requires that the monitor must speak at very meeting, which can exercise their communication and expression skills. also she can know some good ideas at the meeting to fully exert meetings’ role.

she does everything by heart and treat everything seriously whether big things or small. she says everything can be done successfully if you have put your heart. and you will find more funny things at work and you will not feel tired if you really put your heart.

she has her own method in quality managements. she says the most importance thing for quality management is that the workshop director and monitor do daily supervision and inspection work. supervisory work should start with details, mainly to see whether the operation of the staff in accordance with requirements of the technical documentation, whether the workshop director and the squad leader stressed that the problem had not been done as required, as well as to focus on the problems that are easy to go wrong. then our operator should accumulate experience in daily work and take note for some important imformation.

with the topic going deeply, i find that zhan dongfang is an individual person who likes to think and study. she solves the problem in the workshop and reports the things that she can not handle, which not only reduce leader’s pressure and exercise her ability. she will try her best to finish the task which leader requires. she deals with the things according to the workshop’s real situation to make things finished better.

though it is not long during the communication, we can find that the success comes from necessity. she has a good quality and personality charm as well as her own set of management methods. sincerely wish her and her second workshop can be better and better.