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growth rec
release time: 2017-03-09        author:by xing xiuli

a story of fang haobing, roshow science and technoly company deputy  chief engineer

born and growing up at xi shi’s hometown, fang haobing inherits yue people’s tenacity and perseverance who just passed his 30 year old birthday. we can see a clear growth record from him, which not only has the traces of the years, but also his struggle process.

in the beginning of autumn, 2005, fang haobing came to roshow. at that time, he just graduated from university and live a simple life, who has no understanding about society and job. he found that the reality is cruel with fierce competition after he started to find job. most of companies at talent market needs experienced workers, which confused him suddenly and made him realise the big difference between society and school. he applied for the jobs with full of confidence but came back home with apprehension, which make him start to think for the first time: how should i deal with the life in society?

it was that reflection that made him have a clear understanding about reality that you could not touch the future at one step. the best attitude for life was to move forward steadfastly.

therefore, fang haobing entered into roshow this new world. roshow’s concept, spirit and culture all attracted him very much. he worked from the most basic job, such as wire drawing, coating, inspection, repair, and accumulated many precious experience from a newbie to the professional technique  top position . he studied hard and constantly improve his ability. in order to grasp more knowlodges, he studied the related knowledges about physics, chemistry, machinery, electric by himself at his spare time, which was well integrated into the actual work. now he applied the mechanical transmission technology to the wire drawing process and applied the heat treatment process to the annealing process, which promote the upgrading of product technology.

he participated in development of special aluminum enameled wire and was award zhuji science and technology two prize. in 2008,  the research and development of ultra fine line project he participated in was awarded domestic technology advanced prize. in the same year, he successfully developed his own “ a kind of ultra fine line production process” and won national invention patent. in 2012, “ultra high tensile alloy wire” won the national patent again. in 2013, double drying enamel machine developed by he and his workmates won the national invention patent.

ten years study and r&d witness his hard work and study in his position, in which he paied much and got much. during ten years, he held and participated in dozens of company internal technology innovative project and created a great economic benefits for enterprise.  a series of honors are an affirmation from his higher authorities and the company and an encouragement to help him move forward towards a better future. he joined the communist party of china honorably in 2010 and was elected as roshow science and technology party branch secretary in november, 2013.

fang haobing ofter says that he grows up with roshow. roshow becomes a big company from a small workshop during 30 years, whose growth process makes fang haobing think deeply. he says that the growth of enterprise is very similar with the growth of people. there is an old saying that bright future is full of challenges, which is a expression to his growth experience and a truth he realises about growth.

in his eyes, pressure and difficulites can help him grow up. when you are facing with difficulties and pressure in work, you can rely on the team work. he thinks that no thing is perfect without team’s cooperation. it only takes 10 years for roshow to become a company with 300 enameling machines from a small workshop with only one.  roshow becomes a mythology among domestic enameled wire enterprises and is called “roshow speed” by people of the same trade. there is no doubt that the transformation of domestic equipment to produce high-end high temperature composite enameled wire becomes an unforgetable experience between roshow and him.

fang haobing clearly remembered that the company’s technology department met unprecedented difficulties and pressure in the project of ultra fine wire because of short time from project’s affirmation to production. therefore, they closely replied on tean cooperation from project affirmation, plan making and implementation step by step. eevey member had his work in the group and cooperated well. after everyday’s work, they made a conclusion and made the following plan. it was their strong team efforts that we finished the project successfully after 86 days’ hard work. during this period, they had no time to appreciate jiangnan’s beautiful scene but to work on the machine equipment and drawings.

when somebody asks him that it is boring for him to do this job? he answers that technique work seems bring but is a very challengable work, which is equivalent to a comprehensive course with wide knowledge and needs you to master as many knowledges as you can. this job requires strong basic skills and communication skills. the communication help you open your mind and get a more scientific and reasonable plan. fang haobing’s explanaton makes people feel that he does not work at technology but put the technology into an art, which he enjoys much.

acturally fang haobing is an attentive person. he is not care for his job but roshow’s overall developlent, such as team construction, standardized management, technology innovation. he has his unique ideas in these area. he says that roshow adheres to  science and technology new thought in the beginning of enterprise found, which sets a good example for our young people. i think we should work hard and have the courage to make innovation. we should constantly try advanced thoughts of modern enterpeise according to our own situation, especially in the application of automatic production line detection.  only the enterprise improve its automatic production capacity and renew the traditional idea of using equipment to replace human work can it improves its market competitive power.

fang haobing has a wide habit in life. he likes to read some philosophical books and appreciates gorki’s words that the man becomes perfect with wide knowledge. about the topic of career development, he thinks that what you get depends on how you spend your time. the time hidden in the sponge like water, which reminds him of ru xun’s words that you will get time if you want. in workmates’ eyes, fang haobing spends all his time on machine, drawing, busy production lime as well as technology.