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a little feeling of life at ro
release time: 2017-03-09        author:by zhang haiyan

if life is a drama, the society is a big stage. people try their best to act kins of role, and i act as a statist in workshop.

i have come to roshow for a period of time. at first, i do not know how to communicate with stangers. when the time passing, i feel tired and have bad mood and sometime make complaints. gradually, i find i am wrong. i do can not understand others words. but when i talk to them, they will communicate with me in putonghua. though i can not understand totally, i can understand what they are saying. then the atmosphere goes better between me and workmates. my mood becomes good. though i get tired with whole day work, i feel rich. it becomes strange if lacks communication between people and people. it is easy to get along with workmates only to communicate more with them.

we should try our best to change ourself if we can not change the surroundings to make ourself suit for this environment. of course, we should have a optimistic attitudes towards life: let the wind take the annoyance away; let today’s moving turn to smile; let the busy mood to have a rest; let ordinary life get happy.

we should adjust our psychology facing with pressure. you might hear a story: two different people move to a small town. the first person ask the staff at gas stations: “how is the people here”? the staff asks him in return: “how is the people at your former town”? he says: “it is too terrible”. the staff answers: “so is this town”. the second person stops at the same gas station and ask the same quesitons. the staff ask in return: “how is the people in your former town”? he answers: “it is too great and friendly”. the staff says: “so is our town”. from this we can see that your attitudes towards others depends others attitudes towards you. so when we communicate with others, we should treat them with sincere heart. it does not matter if you stand to lose. no one dislike people who stand to lose. though endurance limit is low, i believe i can change if i try my best. there is an old saying that “when passing a narrow road, you should leave a space for others; when tasting good foods, you should share with others.” we might understand others situation if we think on the position of others. we will get happy if we always keep this thoughts in mind. you should try your best to achieve the goal of “ do not talk about others mistakes but always rethink your faults.”

no matter what roles i play in life, only i try my best to do it, even there are mistakes, it does not matter. because no one is perfect. human is not god and can not promise they will not make mistake. but we can do the work better only if we work hard. we need to accumulate experience whether in work or in relations between people when we just step to society. we will have a stable life if we walk every step firmly. even we will meet many difficulties in life, only we keep the aims and hope in mind and constantly move forward, we will make progress though a small step. you can feel the beautiful rainbow after you experience difficulties.

whether leading role or supporting role in the stage, i believe i will get applause only i try my best to do it.