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a worker at inary position
release time: 2017-03-09        author:by xing xiuli

---a story of special line factory four a workshop 301 monitor chen ying

there is no doubt that chen ying is excellent. she is advanced staff when she is staff and she is advanced monitor when she becomes monitor. her team was once awarded advanced team. she has become outstanding workers in roshow company through ten years hard work.

chen ying, 36 years old, entered into roshow in february, 2013. she worked as as monitor for lastest 6 years. it is easy to know that she must have accumulated a lot of experience in team management. when i ask her about her feeling at this respect, she smiles and says that team’s strength is the most important things. because all the works are finished by whole team. i am just a lubricating oil and propellant in group.

chen ying is in group affiliated special line factory four a workshop 301 class and has 22 staff in total, 70% of which is women. 3 per person need to manage the 4 machines on average. everyday, chen ying focuses on quality and yield and usually pays attention to the health of the workshop, the staff operating norms and on-site inspection. she always reminds staff that the stopping time should not be too long to keep yield stable. in everyday meeting, she needs to stress quality, yield, labor discipline and on-site 5s process according to production situation. she says that the quality comes first then the yield.

though she is too familiar with workshop machine’s operation process, she will ask her husband for help facing with production difficulities she is not sure. because her husband is an expert in this field who is a director and technologist at another workshop.

chen ying sets a good example at work. most of staff are women in the group. women have a attentive heart and is serious at work. allowing for this situation, she always requires herself that does the work before staff and set a good example. she does what she says. chen ying always comes first to help them solve the problems when staff have problems, such as machine broken, operation difficulties. she is always patient to teach new staff. her group member’s all respect her because of her exemplary role and listen to her arrangements.

she pays a lot in caring staff’s growth. it must stabilize the employee's heart in order to keep them. she says that the company is like a big family. all the members are sisters and brother at home. if there is conflicts, it should dispel misunderstanding through communication. everyone can work happily when the conflicts disappear. it is true. nowadays, the most of staff are born in 80s, 90s, who are individual from thoughts to heart. therefore, the work should start from their thoughts. chen ying thinks that it is important to keep new staff’s mood stable when the weather is hot in summer, which makes them tired at work. of course, most of new staff are easy to communicate. but there is still few of staff to communicate hardly because of kinds of reasons. chen ying had met this example before. a staff has bad performance and no one can teach him. chen ying only teach him by herself. but he still keeps himself and never changes. eventually he brings a lot of his relatives to threat chen ying. chen ying never regrets to this. she says that as a monitor it is her duty to keep staff and use staff with hard work. it does not matter to be misunderstood. it is the most important thing to do work better.

chen ying likes to make progress in other field except doing her own work. she hopes that she can be promoted to higher position. it was last month that she attended the competition of workshop director. though failed, it is a precious opportunity for her to exercise herself and helps her find the right direction. she likes the slogan that “ if you do not work hard today, you must find job tomorrow”, which make her keeping work hard. only hard work can abtain today’s position and only better work can get beautiful life in the future.

chen ying has no habit in life, just shopping sometimes. for ten years she thanks the company for regarding highly on them and affirming their ability. she and her husband’s today’s achievements and wages rely on this platform because they have not relationship and backer. she is satisfied with this and will return company with grateful heart.

my interview is over. when i collate notes i am thinking that chen ying is excellent and ordinary. chen ying is just one of numerous outstanding monitors in roshow group which owns 3000 staff, who is like a flower in sea. but it is them, workers at ordinary position, that achieve roshow’s success. it is them, workers without regret, that make roshow standing on the top of industry.