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move forward to higher target
release time: 2017-03-09        author:ro group

---a story of yu wenlong, at electronic wire factory two workshop

31-year old yu wenlong is a typical 80 youth. he looks comely and even a little shy. however, he emerged as the best worker in the competition of group workshop director and became a director of electronic wire factory two workshop who was like a dark horse in the workplace, which surprised many his workmates. so what talent is hidden in this obscure hubei guy? it's been three months since the trial. how yu wenlong arranges his work at his position now? i interview him by bringing these quesitons.

newbie and veteran

yu wenlong is no longer a newbie in enameled wire industry. early in 2012, he worked for a enameled factory in guangdong after he just graduated from high school. he recalls that at that time the procedures were very strict if you wanted to enter into the factory.  you were qualified to learn the machine operation from master after you passed the exam and then cleaned the factory floor for one week. he grasped the essentials of operation because of modest and eager to learn as well as hardwork. after 3-year study, he went to another aluminum enameled wire enterprise and worked for this company for 4 years. until july, 2009, he entered into roshow group co.,ltd with 7-years experience in this industry and became a newbie in the company.

he started everything from scratch in roshow and worked steadfastly towards the goal of the heart. he firstly became a front-line operator in micro line workshop and turned to workshop monitor after 1 year. he was meticulous, excelsior to his work, correctly guide the staff to follow the production process strictly and timely check the temperature control points to reduced the accident to the lowest point in his position. he was awarded outstanding monitor at that year because of his excellent work.

in june, 2013, with his 11-year hard worl experience he finally became a director of electronic wire factory two workshop through position competition. but yu wenlong said that he became a newbie again from a monitor to a director of workshop and he must start from scratch.

challenge and accept it

yu wenlong is in charge of two groups in second workshop, specializing in producing aluminum enameled wire. there are 41 employess in second workshop, which contains 35 employess from other place. every staff need to manage 1.5 machines on average.

he was strange with products and operation process when he first came to workshop. what’s more, he found that most of employees were newbie who just entered into the compay after march this year. some of them operated the machine only one month and some just came from other workshop. this situation made him questioned whether these newbies can finish the task? he meets the first challenge as a director of workshop.

facing with difficulties and challenge, he do not retreat, but actively challenges and deals with it calm and rational. he takes a series messures: firstly, he requires himself to master all techniques and requirments in aluminum wire production; secondly, he will hold monitor meeting and staff meeting to increase staff’s cohesion by constant publicity and education; besides, he will reasonably distribute working tasks according to their specialties, which makes everyone exert their advantages, and strength on-the-job training to improve overall operation level. at the same time, he edits a series of regulations to be carried out in the workshop, such as monitor duty resolution chart, change shifts numbers, silk waste assessment, which reduce the silk waste rate obviously and improve the quanlity and quality.

of course, it can not to avoid troublesome things in workshop. but he always calmly find parties in action to communicate and resolve conflicts in a timely manner at this time. for example, if the staff reflects that certain monitor is not fair in dealing with things. he will be looking for monitor and staff to understand the situation and give parties in action a reasonable explanation. he says that the most important thing is to do reasoning in dealing with these disputes. also he needs to teach staff to pay attention to the interests of the whole, learn empathy and make the conflicts disappear from the start.

this summer, the hot day s last too long, which easily make people whiny and tired in work. facing with extreme weather, yu wenlong always stays with workers and gives them support on spirit. when the machine is operating, he will follow the staff to open the machine and understand the operation of the machine momentarily and eliminate hidden dangers in time.

before the ordinary meeting, he always guides staff to keep a possive attitude. he always makes arrangements in advance for those staff who need to have a rest because of healthy conditions. his meticulous and responsible attitude soon get staff’s respect.

plan and layout

yu wenlong is a low-key young man in life. he has nothing special except that he likes to sing songs and make friends. when i invited him to talk about his feelings towards the position of director, he says that it must be fair at this position when deal with things. only set up a good example of his own, will have a certain degree of persuasion of subordinates. at the same time, it is important to choose a good management pattern to improve staff’s work fervour. he says that he haven't done enough.

it is obviously modest words. i know this ambitious young man is stepping up plans and hopes to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the monitor and staff to promote the efficiency of the workshop; i also know that he is planning to build a excellent team to improve job efficiency by efforts; he

he is also optimistic about the trends of the company's workshop director and also as a technologist and considers it a good thing to promote managers to learn abd make progress…this young workshop director has set a higher goal to the future plan of workshop management. .

“when i walk on every street here, my heart is never calm down. except the sound of electric generator, i seems to listen to his beating heart…” i also know this young man who sings song beijing, beijing with vicissitudes voice will walk toward higher goals in his heart firmly until walk into the glory of life.