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beautiful youth carved by time
release time: 2017-03-09        author:by xing xiuli

---a story of group hr specialist wang zhangxing

the poem see wang lun off written by li bai a thousand year ago has appeared many time early in my several tens of years reading. “peach blossom pool is a thousand feet deep, yet not so deep,wang lun,as your love for me” in the poem makes me firmly believe that the most plain feelings in the world is still forever green trees. when i know more situations about wang zhangxing, i know that wang lun is wang zhangxing’s townman a thousand year ago.

the time has pass a thousand year. this wang lun’s fellow townsman, a 28 years old boy from taohua tang town, jing county, anhui province, a undergraduate majoring in accounting with black glasses in his face, come to roshow group and is responsible for whole company’s personnel, payroll accounting.

wang zhangxing jointed in a list of millions of job seekers when he just graduated in 2008. firstly, he worked as a financial manager in life company and did bancassurance documentary and after-sales service day and night then he worked as a office clerk in a silk company where what he did did not comply with his major. until he entered into roshow did he know his striving goal. his striving platform became wide at the same time.

wang zhangxing joined in roshow team at september 10, 2011. 10 days later, he just caught up with the roshow science and technology stock listed on the day. it was this day that roshow listed in shenzhen stock exchange and was known by the whole country

at first, wang zhangxing was responsible for the recruitment, payroll accounting in roshow photoelectric company. after one month, he was transferred to human resources department to be responsible for whole group payroll accounting (photoelectricity, mechanical and electrical audits only), social security, provident fund and other related personnel work. at that time, he was just 25 years old.

“ employee in the enterprise not only needs material satisfaction but also emotional belonging. human is sentimental animals. a warm and humanistic temperament enterprise is like a home, which welcomes by workers. it is home belongs that staff will contribute everything to the company. i saw a pair of bright eyes after his glasses when he said to me.

as an ordinary man, the pressure exists everywhere. in his opinions, the pressure is motivation. he must check and register all dates from workshop within 5 days in the beginning of the month and form financial statements. the pressure gets bigger at that period if the special emergency data was provided temporarily. it is this period that he always reminds himself of doing things steadily and accurately. he says that at that time he must tell himself that impulse is devil and calm down to finish the task.” wang zhangxing still remember that the pressure came in the beginning of march, 2013. at that time finished goods warehouse was about to implement the contract system and need to provide all finished goods warehouse over the past year the wage data for comparison. at the same time he needed to finish february payroll report. he made himself calm down and finish finished goods warehouse date first and then did payroll accounting.” in fact our human resources department is a team with good cooperation. our leader is very nice, who is strict at work but considerate in life. workers help each other, which forms a good internal communication. so the atmosphere is good in this small group. wang zhangxing always check the date again and again to avoid mistake. most of time , he works overtime alone in the office. he says that he can live carelessly but can not work carelessly. he always adheres to his principle, which is hard to insist.

wang zhangxing becomes very sentimental through years of work far from home. he is moved by a warm picture easily. he attaches much importance to a enterprise’s culture construction after he reads see wang lun off written by li bai. in his opinions, everyone can feel roshow’s broad breast, who blends everything. at the same time roshow is cruel in position competition, salary increasing, which should work hard with courage and perseverance to get.

everyone has his unforgettable memories. it was his birthday on april 1st, 2013. he spent his birthday with his workmates at this day. “i still remember that at that day when we had dinner at restaurant my workmates ordered birthday cake for me. i made a wish for a long friendship between us when i blew the candle. the feelings between workmates and friends who even cared my birthday made me unforgetable.

in 2013 commendation conference, wang zhangxing was assessed as group outstanding staff. when talked about his feelings, he was shy to say that i was not the best one but it was ture a honor to be assessed as group outstanding staff. of course, i felt much pressure, which meat that i must do better than others in the work to match this honor. it was a regretful if one did not work hard in his youth. now i had enter into youth and prepare for my dream. i would strive for outstanding staff this year, this sublime honor. his sincere words made me moved. his work became more precious when he talked about his work experience. he said that first, you shou have a plan at work whether in writing or verbal. facing with difficulties, you need to calm down to deal with it. i firmly believed that things would go to another side if there is no way to go. besides, you should communicate with leaders and workmates when facing with problems. i believed that problem can be solved by group strength. it is eary for a man to do simple work better. but it is hard for him to do it better all the time.

filial piety is the most important of all virtues. wang zhangxind will come back to hometown to accompany his parents during new year festival every year, even just several days. the only regretful thing for him that he has not married yet. he said that he has girlfriend before but separate for kinds of reasons. he is so prudent to love relationship that he misses it again and again.

wang zhangxing acturally is a guy who likes to read books, climb mountains and write articles. he often tells himself that does not take too much serious between gains and losses. when he works quietly and tensely alone in the office, his inner thoughts and outer appearance show his passion and persistence towards work. i know that time not only  creates this shinning brand but also carves wang zhangxing’s beautiful youth in roshow.