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kasion investment management and other three subsidiaries moved to new premises
release time: 2017-08-10      author:luhangfeng
 this print dispatch on april 28, 2017, a sunny day, beijing, roshow group subsidiary of kasion investment management co.,ltd,  shunyu agricultural stock co.,ltd ,beijing tianshengtong technology co.,ltd  limited three subsidiaries located in beijing city, haidian district moved into the kunming hunan road beijing national defense education base of civil military integration in zhongguancun industrial park - roshow group office building.

in order to improve the efficiency of enterprise management, reduce the management cost and operation cost, roshow group decided at the beginning of this year, the original decentralized and centralized office in the same area office in beijing and three of the three subsidiaries, which is convenient for group company and each subsidiary company contact, also has the cooperation and relationship between the subsidiaries to. three subsidiaries relocation is a major project, involving a wide range of workload, project time, in order to ensure the quality of construction, to achieve a timely move, the chairman of the board of directors lu xiaojun personally, the design requirements of the group, infrastructure department is responsible for office building decoration construction, equipment installation, office furniture ordering, enterprise culture exhibit and other work. in the meantime, chairman lu also went to beijing several times to guide the work, and played a positive role in promoting the progress of the relocation. accept the task from the february 20th company infrastructure department, with comrade lu linwei as the main person in charge of the project, led the construction of the whole staff from zhuji all the way to beijing, from early to late dry, diet and overcome various difficulties in life the climate does not suit one., grab, grasp the quality of engineering. at the same time, the general manager of three subsidiaries with help, all the project was completed in april 25th, april 28th, three companies moved smoothly. from design, construction to completion of the project, only used 65 days, and once again interpretation of the "smile speed" style, showing a smile of unity, struggle, the courage to the first, hard-working spirit of enterprise.