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kasion investment management co.,ltd eclectic selection of talents
release time: 2017-08-10      author:fengqingqing
    this print dispatch kasion investment management co.,ltd as a professional company in the capital market investment and asset management, has always attached great importance to the construction of talent team, the introduction of professional talents as an important work to catch the development of enterprises. the two quarter of this year, the company through the recruitment and selection of a number of financial talents, they not only have solid professional knowledge and practical skills, but also has strong learning ability and creative thinking, to adapt to the rapidly changing financial market, this is the strategy research work kaixin add fresh blood. kasion investment will be in accordance with company objectives, and strive to build a first-class management team, the development of more robust and better investment strategy to guide the effective allocation of capital market resources, enlarge market scale, to achieve steady growth in customer assets, continue to move forward in creating a first-class investment management company on the road.