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wei wei, chairman of shaoxing municipal committee of cppcc, inspects new energy projects by roshow
release time: 2017-08-10      author:zhuyi

    this print dispatch on may 5, 2017, wei wei of chairman of shaoxing municipal committee of political consultative conference goes to zhuji to investigate, guide economy to change upgrade job. shaoxing cppcc vice chairman huang wenze and zhuji leaders zhang xiaoqiang, wang fenxiang, guo haoliang, jin ligeng, wang peiguang and other participants.
wei wei in the field in the east china international jewelry city tap and other places to roshow new energy technology co., ltd., in roshow group chairman of the board of directors accompanied by lu xiaojun, visited roshow new energy automobile motor manufacturing workshop and the construction site of battery project, a detailed understanding of the enterprise transformation and upgrading of products, market, development technology innovation, in the enterprise to listen to the report, wei wei roshow group on the transformation and upgrading of enterprises pay close attention, attention to technological innovation and talent team construction, especially the manufacturing in shaoxing city before the list is highly appreciated in the new energy vehicle "three power", he hoped that roshow seize the opportunity, bold exploration, traditional reconstruction the new industrial development advantages, to provide good experiences and practices for the upgrading of shaoxing province and the transformation of traditional industries.