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jinhua municipal people's government deputy secretary general wei weilai zhejiang cenfo electronic technology co.,ltd inspection research
release time: 2017-08-10      author:zhaohui

this print dispatch on may 17th, jinhua municipal government deputy secretary general wei wei accompanied by high tech industrial park management committee director zhu feng wei jinhua under the zhejiang cenfo electronic technology co.,ltd visited the research work.
wei wei first visited the company product exhibition hall and workshop, listen to the company general manager cao ju on the performance of the company's products, technology innovation, market prospects and other aspects, and detailed understanding of the company settled in jinhua high tech industrial park, the development of high-tech enterprises, and enjoy the policy support of the relevant circumstances. after listening to the report, zhejiang cenfo electronic technology wei wei of co., ltd in the new energy automobile electronic products research and development, product technology, market development and the rapid development of enterprises highly, but also hope that the high-tech industrial park to zhejiang cenfo electronic technology co. ltd, for example, summing up park business incubator, to attract more enterprises to achieve leapfrog development.