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roshow group holds the administrative work meeting
release time: 2017-08-10      author:loujian

this print dispatch on may 26th, roshow group company holds the conference of company administration, human resources management in headquarters of zhuji west group, zhuji area three families all administrative, human resource personnel is participated in. the meeting informed about the decision to adjust the administrative leadership in charge of the group. lu xiaojun, chairman of the board of directors, attended the meeting and made an important speech.
at the meeting, the administrative and hr responsible person you are reporting the work of the department, after listening to the statements, lu chairman said: business administration is different from the production department, while not directly produce production and economic benefits, but it represents the company's internal and external image, it is not only a service the window is also an executive supervision department, in other words, is the corporate rules and regulations and standards, the implementation of the system of supervision. at the same time, we must do a good job with the subordinate subsidiary services docking, we must effectively grasp the production safety, life and property security, network information security, environmental protection and safety of the "four security" construction. the implementation of the "four security" construction, the key depends on the day-to-day inspection and supervision of the administrative departments, and only those good work can help other departments to improve management.
chairman lu stressed that this year the situation of enterprise development is very strong, especially the new energy industry, we from the car rental to develop a big three "and the main parts of manufacturing, is in accordance with our goals smoothly. the current order is busy, production tasks are very heavy, we must seize the opportunity to tap talent, recruitment of more excellent employees to join the enterprise, to meet production and employment needs. roshow development need to rely on the tireless efforts of all the staff, therefore stressed that one is to summon roshow hard work, hard work, courage and hard work, dedication, pioneering spirit, hard work really dry, dry out the results, do benefit; two is to put the system more perfect and standardized, to perform more rule-based; three is to rearrange the roshow cultural banner held high the banner, have guidance and direction.
the chairman lu finally stressed that all administrative and human resources staff to unite each stage, promote each other and improve together, and strive to build a dare to play, full of sunshine administration team.
the meeting was presided over by the chief of the group office building.