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shaoxing labor inspection detachment to roshow technology supervision work
release time: 2017-08-10      author:shaozhiyu

this print dispatch
in may 26th, the shaoxing municipal labor security supervision detachment vice captain li jian in zhuji city labor monitoring group, accompanied by xuan jixiang, roshow technology co., ltd. of enterprise labor, salary system, social security and other special inspection. the inspection team staff roshow technology first listen to co., ltd. general manager shen dongchu on the development of enterprises, production and operation, labor in detail, then, on behalf of shao guoxian roshow roshow group party report "foreign builders house" specific practices, daily management and construction operation. after listening to the report, the inspection team also carried out a rigorous review of the enterprise collective contracts, individual labor contracts, the formulation and implementation of the remuneration system, ledgers and interviews with on-site personnel. after half a day of check, the inspection team of science and technology seriously implement the labor system of national roshow, practice norms to protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers and fully affirmed, especially for roshow "successful practices of foreign builders home" highly.
with the increase of the expansion of the scale of enterprises and employment needs, roshow group each year a large number of foreign builders into the factory, these employees are mostly from guizhou, anhui, sichuan, hunan and other provinces, cultural knowledge, customs and comprehensive quality of labor skills, they do not vary qi. to this end, the company led by the party office, administrative department with the support of local government help, first in zhuji set up the first "foreign builders house", which reflect the demands for workers to understand the policy, dispute mediation, to resolve conflicts, provides an unobstructed pipeline to carry out advocacy services, so that they feel at ease in the unit in the enterprise, service, dedication in the post, with the implementation of local workers to compete, equal participation in the democratic management of enterprises, joint exercise of rights in power.