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rowshow new energy industry fire training
release time: 2017-08-10      author:fangxiaoyan

this print dispatch in order to fully implement the "prevention first, combining prevention with elimination and the policy of" unified leadership, coordination, and administrative departments in charge of company employees to actively participate in the "fire control work principle, safety training plan, determined according to the company in early may 27th, roshow new energy industry technology co. ltd. the exercises in the exercise of the fire safety. the above company duty firefighters, production line staff, monitor all management personnel.
fire safety is an important part of enterprise production safety, the company has always attached great importance to, and the fire safety work as the most important task, held every year in accordance with the provisions of fire training, fire fighting equipment, rescue and escape through a series of exercises, training and exercises, continuously enhance staff awareness of fire safety. inspire employees to participate in the fire safety work enthusiasm, at the same time the basic fire safety management to further consolidate the company. in this year's exercise of fire safety site meeting, the general manager of the company chen huaming personally for the mobilization and fire knowledge lectures, he called on all cadres and workers in the enterprise security mission, and enhance the awareness of fire safety, fire safety work, efforts to implement, through the joint efforts of the company various departments and staff, to achieve annual business no major accidents, no fire, no casualties, for enterprise's material civilization and spiritual civilization and the construction of harmonious enterprises, provides a good basis for protection of fire safety.