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fire safety, alarm bells ringing
release time: 2017-08-10      author:zhaohui

this print dispatch for the full implementation of the "safety first, prevention first, combining prevention with elimination of the working principle, firmly establish the" hidden dangers of fire, prevention is better than disaster relief and responsibility theory, combined with the recent weightier than mount tai "around the fire accidents signs, june 2nd, the zhejiang branch of affirmative electronic technology limited company held the annual fire safety training. participate in the training of production and business backbone, part of the management staff.
the fire safety training mainly in the classroom lectures, invited the zhejiang housing fire center professional teachers to lecture, dedicated to various departments teaching all kinds of fire hazard causes of various kinds of fire and the daily production work, teach skills, all kinds of fire prevention and fire escape way and all the different combustible fire extinguishing equipment the selection and use of knowledge.
the training will, by watching the fire and casualty of the video data, are shocking, all employees to participate in training only to improve fire safety awareness of staff feel deeply, to collapse the string tight fire safety, fire safety, security can not go wrong, but in the daily production work, the people overcome careless the idea, in strict accordance with the requirements for fire safety, strengthen the various types of fire hazard self-examination investigation, combined with the actual production of the fire safety inspection activities as per month after 6s. in the second half, the company will also organize the use of escape, rescue and fire fighting equipment on the basis of the staff's knowledge of fire safety, should be informed of the meeting, and strive to improve staff's escape skills and fire fighting skills.