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zhejiang cenfo electronic technology co.,ltd acceptance of the project through the science and technology plan
release time: 2017-08-10      author:zhaohui
this print dispatch on june 14th, jinhua district of wucheng city science and technology bureau in the zhejiang cenfo electronic technology co., ltd conference room, organized by the zhejiang cenfo electronic technology co. ltd, a district level science and technology plan undertake the project acceptance. the inspection team experts first heard the work of the technical summary report and inspection, audit and user use and other reports, detailed review of other relevant information. after carefully listening to the report and data inspection, acceptance group of experts agreed that the zhejiang cenfo electronic technology co. ltd, the implementation of the project in accordance with the provisions of the contract complete mission requirements, project feasible, market and good customer feedback, agreed to acceptance.
zhejiang cenfo electronic technology co. ltd, since its inception, has participated in the national torch program, the national sme technology innovation fund project of zhejiang province and the major science and technology projects and other key projects of research and development, has realized a total output value of 100 million yuan, has made positive contributions to the country's new energy automotive electronic control technology the development and the improvement of social benefits.