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taoyeping to zhejiang zhongke investigation research for electronic technology co., ltd
release time: 2017-11-16      author:zhongke tetragonal/zhao hui

this newspaper on july 10, people's government of jinhua city vice mayor taoyeping in jinhua, accompanied by high and new technology industrial park management committee director zhu weifeng to zhejiang zhongke tetragonal electronics technology co., ltd., investigation research and guidance work.

taoyeping deputy mayor accompanied by cao ju, the general manager of our company, visit the company product exhibition hall, the production workshop and laboratory, detailed understanding of company development, product performance and sophistication and government support, after hearing cao ju on the company's production and management, product development, laboratory equipment, introduced market development, and so on and so forth, to square in the new energy car key components research and development manufacturing ability and product market prospect is highly.

the vice mayor of taoyeping to division for research, also focus on the company in the talent introduction, training, talent team construction work, when the enterprise is always the people work as the first productivity and in hiring, employing, retention on the successful practices of affirmation.