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zhang xiaoqiang to dew smile new energy research personnel work
release time: 2017-11-16      author:laughing group/floor building

the economist on august 1st, shaoxing municipal committee, zhuji municipal party committee secretary zhang xiaoqiang to dew smile new energy technology co., ltd., research innovation, talent board chairman lu small group were accompanied by research.

compressor in the dew smile new energy conference room, the company chief engineer, dr li chunyin wu mingsen etc. a number of engineering and technical personnel has always been secretary zhang reported in dew smile good innovative entrepreneurial environment, broad space for development and a comfortable life, everyone can have expressed in zhuji entrepreneurship director am very delighted, particularly in the pacific ocean dew smile can make them more glorious talent on stage.after the investigation and research, secretary zhang xiaoqiang to lou group where the introduction of talent, respect for talent, the success of the innovation and development to give full affirmation.

wu mingsen is hubei, he laughed to dew has more than 10 years, has been engaged in machinery technical work, and dr li chunyin is dew smile group from shanghai to introduce domestic few digits of vortex compressor experts, like this there are many engineering technicians in her smile.

dew smile group pays attention to talents in the process of development of engineering construction, efforts to build respect personality, cherish talents, competition, abnormality of reuse environment of choose and employ persons, especially for the technical personnel engaged in the work of science and technology, even if sometimes mistakes on the job and failure, to not be discouraged, complaints and disciplinary action, but rather to "encourage success, tolerate failure, but never allowed to give up" the relief of strategic concept, encourage talents and bold talent, bold innovation entrepreneurship, and create a good working environment for talents development.