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dew smile group: learn how to implement the party's 19 big spirit, constantly improve the enterprise core competitiveness
release time: 2017-11-22      author:通讯员:方浩斌

on october 18, 19 times the national congress of the communist party of china held victory, dew smile group party committee organized group and subordinate branch secretary, each part of the party members' representatives listen to watch the live on the day of the opening ceremony, listen to the jinping comrades on behalf of the eighteenth session of the central committee of the party's report.


dew smile group as non-public enterprises, has been attached great importance to enterprise party construction work, after closing of the conference group chairman lu small are very concerned about the party members' learning situation.for days, the group and affiliated party branch organization party members and cadres and workers' representatives in the report to earnestly study the party's 19, through the study, by all accounts, the party's 19 big is to build a well-off society in an all-round way at run-off stage, a critical period of socialism with chinese characteristics into the new era of a very important conference, publicity implement the party's 19 big spirit, is our enterprise's current and future a period of the most important political carry out the party's 19 big spirit, first of all, learning to understand have a good grasp of, on the basis of a comprehensive system study appreciate, grasp key, grasp key, essence, essence, according to the development of the enterprise, accurately understand and grasp the new idea, new assertion, new task and new initiatives.


xi jinping, general secretary, put forward in the big report of socialism with chinese characteristics has entered a new era, to adhere to the new concept of development.dew smile group also entered the new period of development, the current group of each industry, the production and business operation, especially the new energy industry development speed more quickly, we will with the 19 big spirit as the guide, is committed to technology innovation, management innovation, system innovation and culture innovation, focus on advantage resources to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading of enterprises, to realize intelligent manufacturing, intelligent management, intelligent products, mass transfer efficiency, continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.