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dew smile group budget management work
release time: 2017-12-08      author:露笑集团办公室供稿

on december 5th, luxiao group held the 2018 annual budget management video conference at the headquarter of zhuji chengxi group. the heads of various functional departments of the group company, lucy technology and its subsidiaries, general managers of subsidiaries, and management team members attended the meeting at the main venue. the general managers and department heads of each subsidiary company listened to the conference live on the venue. lu xiaojun, chairman of the board of directors of the group, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

at the meeting, chief financial officer you shixi made a deployment of the company's budget management in 2018, and put forward specific requirements for specific matters such as implementation, evaluation, analysis, and supervision of the budget management and the approval system for the use of funds. the heads of relevant functional departments spoke at the meeting.

in order to make the budget work better and more solid, chairman lu emphasized at the meeting that lu xiao is a large group company with a standardized management system for listed companies, and doing a good job of budget management is to realize the company's business flow and information flow. integration is of great importance to the company's planning of strategic objectives, control of daily business activities, prevention of business risks, and optimization of resource allocation. it is also a need to ensure the maximization of company interests; it must be implemented in strict accordance with the standards, systems, and requirements of budget management. . the executives of each subsidiary should effectively strengthen the leadership, inspection, supervision, and implementation of the budget management work, maintain the linkage and linkage with various functional departments of the group company, use “four more” to do a good job, do a good job, and promote smooth budget management. implementation, complete the established business objectives.

chairman lu pointed out that shunyu agriculture should work together with the group company to make safety management standards and management systems, and earnestly strengthen the safety management of fire protection and waterproofing of all projects. at the same time, we need to formulate quantitative standards for normal power generation to increase the amount of power generated, so that our company will become an industry star. tianshaotong company plans to prepare for listing in recent years. it can fully draw on our successful listing experience, strengthen communication with the group's daily work, and do a good job of 100% preparation. the two companies, shunyu agriculture and tianzhutong, must work hard to catch up, meet new challenges, and use wisdom and diligence to establish business for the officers and strive to achieve our goal.

finally, chairman lu emphasized that by the end of the year, all subsidiaries should earnestly do a good job in safety production, take personal safety, fire safety, and property safety as a top priority, grasp, grasp, and do a solid job in order to ensure the smooth and harmonious development of the company. .

the video conference was presided over by li guoqian, vice president of the group.

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