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luxiao group party committee held 2017 leading group democratic life meeting
release time: 2018-01-11      author:correspondents group party office / shao zhiyu

according to the requirements of the work arrangement of the party committee at the higher levels and the “party theme party day”, on january 10, 2018, the laughter group party committee held the 2017 annual leadership team democracy life conference to jointly find and study xi jinping’s new era of chinese characteristics. socialist ideology, adherence to the report reporting system, awareness of innovation, responsibility as the responsibility, lack of in-depth service for the employees, and lack of scientific ability in scientific planning, insufficiency of deep research on some major issues, and decision-making on the decision-making of higher-level party committees and decision-making at times. deep, political acumen is not strong, resulting in incomplete implementation, unprompting work promotion and other outstanding issues, will follow the path of learning and reform, while checking and reforming, that is, to change the working idea, in order to further consolidate this year's leading group democracy the outcomes of the life meeting were based on the outstanding issues raised and the criticisms raised by the leadership's democratic life meeting. after careful analysis and study at the team meeting, the following reform plans were formulated:

i. guiding ideology: using the socialist ideology of chinese characteristics in the new era of xi jinping as a guide, we must firmly uphold the authority of the party central committee with comrade xi jinping as the core, and centralize and unify the leadership, and fully implement the decisions made in the spirit of the nineteenth national congress of the party. continuously enhance political acumen, enhance political discernment, and consciously abide by the party’s political discipline; enhance the sense of innovation, responsibility, and service; strictly abide by work discipline and various rules and regulations, and resolutely implement the decisions made by higher-level party committees and decision-making as work cuts. with the "four qualifications" as the main content, party members and cadres thoroughly practiced "four stresses and four positives", effectively changed their work style, strengthened team building, and comprehensively improved solid learning, practical innovation, job dedication, and boosting the development of enterprises. ability.

second, the rectification goal: through careful comparison of the new "party chapter" "guidelines", "regulations" and "five-star and double-strength" requirements, to check out the problems and mutual criticism recommendations to implement the reform, strengthening the team and members to strengthen theoretical learning , strengthen the ideals and beliefs, strengthen the sense of purpose, improve work style, and closely associate with employees' awareness and ability. grasping teamwork, bringing up teams, grasping institutional mechanisms, and strengthening the quality of learning, comprehensively improving the ability of the team members to be at the forefront, doing real work and solving problems, better serving the company's innovation and development, serving the company's production and management, and serving the employees.

before the meeting, everyone was greeted by the special program "towards a new age" launched by the provincial party committee organization department and the provincial radio and television group.

on january 10, the party committee of the laughing group corporation held the 2017 leading group democratic life meeting.

on february 10th, lutong electromechanical co., ltd. held a "party theme party day" study meeting to study the party's nineteenth congress report and the new "party chapter."