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luxiao group held a management conference for foreign subsidiaries
release time: 2018-01-16      author:露笑集团/楼 建

on october 7, 2017, luxiao group held a 2017 foreign-funded subsidiary company management meeting in the conference room on the second floor of the yanweishan r&d center. the vice presidents of the company group, the general managers of the subsidiaries, the deputy general managers, the heads of the finance and procurement departments attended the meeting. lu yongjun, chairman of the group's board of directors and lu yong, group president, delivered important speeches at the meeting.

cai shen, vice president of the group presided over the meeting.

participants in the meeting reported on how to complete the tasks in the first three quarters of the pipeline and the departments where they were located and how to implement the plans for the uncompleted tasks in the fourth quarter.

lu xiaojun, chairman of the group's board of directors, delivered an important speech at the meeting. after the morning plenary session, in the afternoon, chairman lu and president lu also did not attend the break and had a one-on-one discussion with all subsidiaries of the rest of the world. during the exchange, they resolved the actual difficulties and problems of the companies on the spot and encouraged everyone to participate. everyone is involved, everybody takes the responsibility, develops the spirit of laughter and hard work, hard work, tenacious struggle, and courage to act as the spirit, to make the company better and stronger, and to encourage all managers to work hard with love and win. development plays a greater role.

the picture shows the chairman of the meeting in the afternoon chairman lu and lu and the relevant person in charge of shanghai zhenghao new energy technology co., ltd. to discuss and solve problems.