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luxiao group held a senior management meeting
release time: 2018-01-16      author:露笑集团/楼 建

on october 29th, 2017, the lou xiao group senior management meeting was held in the conference room of the yanweishan r&d center. the participants of the meeting included the leaders of the group companies, the general managers of the subsidiaries, and the heads of related functional departments of the group companies. chairman of the board lu xiaojun, president lu yong attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

at the meeting, the participants made exchanges and reports on the production, management, finance, administrative management, and corporate culture construction. at the same time, they put forward opinions and suggestions on some problems and difficulties in the work in the near future. in particular, the large-scale project of new energy vehicles has seen every aspect of market development, technology research and development, teamwork, and overall advancement, and has put forward many new ideas and ideas.

after fully listening to suggestions on how to promote new energy vehicle projects, president lu yong pointed out that new energy vehicles are an industrial revolution in the automobile industry, and it is the mainstream direction of current and future international and domestic automobile development. who is in this highland? with mastery of advanced technology, anyone has the right to speak and has broad market control.

lu yong emphasized that lu xiao has taken the lead in the integration of “three powers”, module integration, vehicle manufacturing orders, and leasing of new energy vehicles. the next focus will be on the following aspects. first, market development must intensify efforts, marketing departments should take the initiative to capture information in time, take more orders, take good orders, get large orders, to meet production needs; second, accelerate the pace of technological research and development, accelerate the introduction of international and domestic first-class technical personnel , cultivate a strong technical r&d team; third, strive to reduce procurement costs, provide a good and fair competitive environment for all suppliers; fourth, integrate internal management resources, so that marketing, procurement, production, and other new energy sources realize seamless docking to improve the management of collaborative performance.

after listening to everyone's speech, chairman of the board lu xiaojun made an important speech. he said that today's show of laughter is constantly growing. how to improve the effectiveness of the group's management and control is what i want to emphasize. i think we must look back and look at a good management mechanism before and after our listing. second, we must find ways to work. we must learn to find the source and everything must be taken from the source. since then, the good beginning is half of success.

group companies must first manage people and manage people well. its main function is to make macro-level decisions on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is to improve management and control capabilities. therefore, we must firmly grasp the four "management" in order to further enhance the control and management capabilities and improve management effectiveness.

chairman lu finally emphasized that no one on the road to success has called you to get up and no one has paid for you. you need self-management, self-discipline, self-learning, self-practice, self-growth, and self-success. a person's ability and level are improved in the working life. people are forced out. people's potential is unlimited. if you are satisfied with the status quo and rest on your laurels, you will gradually be eliminated. force yourself and break through your self. you will create miracles and enlarge the pattern. everything is possible.

the photo shows the top management meeting of the louxiao group