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luxiao technology and chery commercial vehicle joint venture establish new energy vehicle company
release time: 2018-01-16      author:露笑科技/刘妍妮

in order to vigorously promote the market application of electric logistics vehicles, pursue green development, innovate business models, and strengthen the optimization of capital, management, finance, technology, human resources and other resource elements, and further increase market competitiveness, so that both sides can achieve better investment. economic and social benefits. on november 7, 2017, lu yong, chairman of luxiao technology co., ltd., and bao siyu, general manager of chery commercial vehicles co., ltd. represented their respective companies and signed chery commercial vehicles (anhui) co., ltd. in wuhu city, anhui province. luxiao technology co., ltd. jointly invested in the establishment of a new energy vehicle company joint venture contract.

this time, laughing technology and chery commercial vehicle co., ltd. jointly established a new energy vehicle company and innovated the development mode of the enterprise's new energy vehicle business. through the form of joint ventures and cooperation, it fully utilized the market resources advantages of both partners and actively opened up new energy automotive business areas. the goal of industrialization of the company's new energy vehicles, such as “three-year power supply” (motors, electronic control, and batteries), has been further improved, which has greatly improved the technical level and market competitiveness of the company’s new energy vehicle power products, and will enable future market expansion. and get more market share to play an active role. at the same time, it is of great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance to promote the specialization and industrialization of new energy advanced technologies, realize resource integration and overall strategic development planning, ensure the company’s performance improvement, and achieve long-term sustainable development.

the photo shows that lucy technology co., ltd. and the head of chery commercial vehicles (anhui) co., ltd. signed a joint venture in wuhu city, anhui province to set up a new agreement for the establishment of the kairui new energy automobile co., ltd.