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luxiao group held a seminar on company strategy development and management improvement in 2018
release time: 2018-01-16      author:露笑集团/楼建

on december 23, 2017, luxiao group held the 2018 annual strategic development goals for the group and the methods for enhancing management analysis of subordinate subsidiaries at the yanweishan r&d center. the group's vice presidents and heads of related functional departments of the group attended the meeting. participants spoke freely and expressed their opinions on the overall strategic development goals of the group in 2018 and the management issues of its subsidiaries. according to the company's development needs and the current enterprise scale and management status, the company’s financial management system, administrative management system, and personnel remuneration management system should be reorganized, improved, and revised during the year, and various types of system construction should be done well. the general plan strengthens the effective management of people, finances, and materials. participants believed that perfecting and perfecting the company's monthly regular business meeting system and the general manager's negotiation and reporting system, and the major event reporting system are conducive to the smooth flow of information and efficient management, and can effectively promote the management structure of the subsidiary and the group's flag.

the meeting strengthened financial management, defined the position, role, and functions of the person in charge of finance, improved evaluation and evaluation mechanisms, continuously improved the financial and auditing staff's business level, and conducted research on the subsidiary's risk prevention work in major contracts and major projects.

with the rapid development of the enterprise, the talent reserve work has also been mentioned on the agenda. the participants also proposed plans for how to formulate and implement the “lucky newcomer plan”.

the meeting promoted the management of shunyu agriculture, implemented lean production, compiled the power generation indicators, and increased the output of power generation; the louvre ding yang zhuji branch expanded the distributed photovoltaic power generation business, and set up a technology, design, installation, operation and maintenance team as soon as possible. many suggestions are suggested. chairman of the board of directors lu xiaojun attended the seminar and gave instructions.

the picture shows the seminar site