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bank-enterprise docking and common development
release time: 2018-01-16      author:correspondent group office/lu hangfeng

on the 16th of january, luxiao group held a bank-industry seminar at the yanweishan r&d center. representatives of 10 banks including the agricultural bank of china zhuhai sub-branch, china citic bank shaoxing branch, and leaders of the city and the relevant departments of the louxiao group attended the conference.

at the meeting, group vice president jinlong jin gave a detailed introduction to the production, management and development of various industries of the louxiao group. after watching corporate promotional materials and listening to briefings, the person in charge of each bank gave a strong development momentum to the company. we fully affirmed that we have shown great interest in the four major business sectors, such as new energy and military industry. we all agree that lu xiao is a professional, industrial-focused, and new-economy-focused company that stresses both honesty and win-win results and actively rewards society. enterprises with a high sense of social responsibility are willing to establish long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with enterprises and further expand the scope of cooperation. according to the person in charge of the nanjing branch of bank of nanjing, the two business segments of new energy automotive and photovoltaic which are exposed to laughter will serve as key support projects for the bank in 2018 to provide financing services.

at the end of the meeting, lu xiaojun, chairman of the board of directors of the group, first extended warm welcome and heartfelt support to the leaders of the banks and city leaders who came to participate in the bank-industry round-table conference. thank. he said that after lu xiaoxiao was listed on the market in 2011, the company's development has entered a new starting point. he has played a series of combination of financing, investment, mergers and acquisitions, and expansion. he has realized everything from enameled wire to sapphire, from energy-saving motors to new energy, and from hardware to military software. the leapfrogging development has allowed the capital and industry to move together and the related industries have maintained a leading position in the domestic industry. he hoped that the two parties will deepen their understanding, seek opportunities, build platforms, work together, seek common development, and gain experience in achieving win-win cooperation and make greater contributions to zhuji’s economic and social development.