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lu xiao group's 2017 annual summary annual meeting was held
release time: 2018-02-23      author:correspondent group office/lu hangfeng

on the 23rd of this month, luxiao group held a new year's work meeting. the vice presidents and heads of functional departments in charge of the business of the group company attended the meeting. the persons in charge of units such as luxiao technology co., ltd., lutong electromechanical co., ltd., louxiao new energy technology co., ltd. (“dasan electric power”) and dingyang luneng power zhuji branch attended the new year’s work conference. group chairman lu, president lu yong, and vice president ma xiaoyuan attended the meeting and delivered important speeches.

this year's new year's work will be different from the past. it is organized according to the development of each company and the characteristics of the industry. it has strong pertinence and effectiveness, and it is well practiced by chairman lu. the assertion of the important guarantee of effectiveness is also a new measure for the formal reform of the conference.

 at luyue technology's new year's work conference, chairman lu said that laughter technology is a "big brother" of its subsidiaries and a model for listed companies with a profound culture, fine spirit and a solid foundation. our enameled wire industry is one of the best in china. there are big brands in the enameled wire industry. traditional industries are old and new products. laughing technology is enjoying a healthy age and is full of youthful vitality. we need to innovate in technology, technology, equipment, marketing, and procurement, and reduce costs. increase efficiency; do a good job in upgrading the quality of large platforms, and then to a large level, to the market "take" sales, "take" profits, "take" benefits; in the construction of the staff to recruit good people, good people, cultivate good people, truth spurs employees' morale, reflects new spirits and new corporate image, and revitalizes development.

at the lutong electromechanical new year's work conference, chairman lu stressed that lutong electromechanical must make major breakthroughs in technology in the new year. it should use suitable materials to replace the higher-cost materials and try every means to reduce the cost of materials; the procurement department must shop around and compare the quality, the price, and the service and let the best suppliers enter our industry chain. all r&d personnel should use their brains to think of ways to achieve the ultimate in craftsmanship, tooling, and fixtures. this can, to a large extent, play a role in machine substitution, reduce labor costs, and increase production efficiency; the production department must firmly stick the human body. safety, property safety, product safety, environmental protection and safety “four safety” should be followed carefully. marketing personnel should not only understand the marketing strategy but also understand the production technology. only in this way can they do a bigger market; the procurement personnel must work diligently into the warehouse, take the workshop, and actually master the inventory of raw and auxiliary materials. although we all have different roles in different positions, we must do our own professional work in a down-to-earth manner. we must make a profit standoff for lutong electromechanical co., ltd., so that we will have a strong performance in 2018! wang! wang!

at the new year's work meeting of dingyang green power zhuji branch, chairman lu encouraged everyone to say that dingyang green power zhuji branch was a new company that was established last year and faces new opportunities and new developments. the photovoltaic industry has different industries. the characteristics of the existence of various variables of policy, technology, must grab the gold season. the top priority for the company is to cultivate a group of outstanding marketing personnel, actively engage in public relations, do its best to promote, set a big goal, start big ideas, let our photovoltaic industry based on zhuji, to the country, bigger and stronger. each comrade of the group must also actively help contact and promote through the relationship, and constantly increase the visibility and penetration rate of the laughing pv to make this green energy industry bigger and bigger.

at the new year's work conference for the junior energy industry of luxiao new energy, chairman lu pointed out that with the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry, the price competition between the “dasan” and scroll compressor products has become more intense. to adapt to the market and occupy the market, we must work hard on materials and processes to achieve one-to-one correspondence. in 2018, chery gave us 40,000 to 50,000 units per month. we have a saying: "sales are the leader, technology is the core, and production is the key." with orders, production, technology, procurement, and marketing are closely linked. integration into one, in the product manufacturing to achieve optimization and optimization, innovation and innovation, we must screw out the water from the dry towel. the price of the product is not competitive. in the final analysis, everyone is fighting for innovation, the fight is technology, the fight is management, the fight is the idea, and the fight is the spirit of the enterprise.

chairman lu finally stressed that whether a company can design a good product to adapt to the market is the most critical and important thing. on the one hand, a good product needs continuous innovation in technology, technology and materials, and on the other hand, it must be built in the system. with continuous improvement and gradual improvement in management, the only way is to make the market bigger and more effective.

president lu yong also arranged and deployed marketing development and marketing.

the heads of subsidiaries made statements on how to complete the new year’s goals and tasks for the group.

lutong mechatronics co., ltd. participated in the annual meeting of the group's new work