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luxiao group holds new year's work meeting
release time: 2018-02-24      author:group office


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lu smile group convened a new year's work meeting

in february 23rd, the new year's work meeting was held by lu smile group. the vice president of the group and the heads of various functional departments of the group participated in the meeting. polytron technologies inc, roshow roshow lu tong electrical co. ltd., the new energy technology company limited ("big three" industry, ding yang) above the green power electric power zhuji branch and other departments are responsible to participate in the work of the new year will. chairman lu, president lu yong and vice president ma xiaoyuan of the board of directors of the group attended the meeting and made an important speech.

this year's new year's work will be different from the past, is based on the development of enterprises and industry characteristics are organized, has strong pertinence and effectiveness, is a good practice of shandong chairman proposed "a good will is to solve the problem of an important guarantee to improve the effectiveness of the judgment, a new measure is meeting the form of reform.

at the new year's working conference of lu xiao technology, chairman lu said that lu xiao science and technology is not only a big brother of every subsidiary, but also an example of a listed company. it has deep culture, fine spirit and solid foundation. our enameled one line domestic industries, with the famous brand, the traditional industry is the old business of new products, roshow technology boomer, full of youthful vigor, we have innovation potential in technology, technology and equipment, marketing, procurement and other aspects, lowering the efficiency; good platform in expanding the capacity of the quality. another big step to seize the market, seize the sales, profit, benefit from; staff construction to recruit good people, with good people, good training, indeed stimulate employee morale, embodies the new spirit and new development of corporate image, to revive the glory.

in the new year lu tong electrical work conference, lu lu tong electrical president stressed that in the new year technology must have big breakthrough, use the appropriate material to replace the high cost of materials, to reduce material cost; the purchasing department must goods than three, than quality, than the price than service so, the best quality suppliers into our industry chain. all r & d personnel to use their brains to find ways, the process, tooling and fixture to achieve the ultimate, which can play a role in the machine substitutions in a large extent, reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency; the production department should firmly personal safety and property safety, product safety, environmental protection and safety of "four security" fine grasp firmly grasp yan. marketers must understand both marketing strategy and production technology. only in this way can they do bigger market. buyers must enter the warehouse frequently and take part in the workshop, and actually grasp the stock situation of all kinds of raw and auxiliary materials. though people in different positions, have different division of labor, but they should do their own work, to make a profit completely open and turnaround, let wang performance in 2018! wang! wang!

ding yang in green power electric power zhuji branch will work on the new year, lu said the chairman encouraged everyone, ding yang green power electric power zhuji branch is a new company established just last year, facing new opportunities and new development of photovoltaic industry has different characteristics in other industries, a variety of variables exist policy, technology, must be the golden season the gold rush. the company's top priority is to train a group of excellent salesmen, actively engage in public relations, do our best to promote, set up big goals, start big ideas, and let our pv industry base on zhuji, go all the way to the country and become bigger and bigger. every member of the group should also actively promote contacts and promote through the relationship, and constantly improve the popularity and popularity of lu xiao photovoltaic, making this green energy industry bigger and bigger.

roshow in new energy "big three" new year industry work conference, chairman lu pointed out that with the rapid development of new energy automotive industry, the "big three" and scroll compressor product price competition is more intense, roshow to adapt to the market, occupy the market, must be in the material and technology efforts, do correspondence. in 2018, chery gave us 4 per month - 50 thousand units of volume, we have a saying "sales is the leading technology is the core of production is the key", with orders to production, technology, procurement, marketing closely together, do optimization optimization in the product manufacturing, innovation and innovation must, from dry towel wring out. whether the product price is competitive or not? in the final analysis, we are fighting for innovation, technology and management. we are fighting for the essence of our company.

chairman lu stressed that whether an enterprise is designed to market this product is the most important and the most important thing, a good product needs in technology, technology, material innovation, on the other hand, we need to constantly improve and gradually improve the system construction and management, so in order to make the market bigger, better benefits.

the president of lu yong has also arranged and deployed the market development and marketing work.

the heads of each subsidiary made a statement on how to accomplish the new year's goal.