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zhejiang luxiao electronic wire co., ltd. passed the clean production audit and acceptance
release time: 2018-03-15      author:correspondents lu xiao, jiang na park, ministry of environmental protection / yao senjun

on march 15, zhejiang luxiao electronic wire co., ltd. conducted a clean production audit and acceptance. participated in the audit acceptance of two levels of shaoxing city, zhuji city, the head of the environmental protection agency, the provincial environmental protection agency expert group. after the inspection and acceptance team arrives at the company in the morning, they will first look at the production site accompanied by the person in charge of the company, and conduct detailed inspections and on-site inquiries of the production conditions of each workshop, especially the operation and management of various environmental protection equipment and facilities within the factory. the storage of hazardous wastes, the management of standardized disposals, and the overall environmental hygiene of the plant were examined one by one. after a rigorous on-site inspection, the acceptance team held a review and acceptance meeting in the company's conference room. the meeting was chaired by the leadership of shaoxing city environmental protection bureau. shao guoxian, deputy general manager of the company's environmental protection work, briefed the leaders and experts on the company's basic situation and environmental protection management work. then the third party hangzhou new consulting technology co., ltd. introduced the clean production report preparation process and the follow-up supervision of the company's implementation of clean production. happening. after earnestly listening to the report and reviewing and examining the written materials, the expert group made recommendations on the individual issues found in the site management and clean production reports, and proposed amendments to some details in the report.

after on-site inspection and data review, the leaders and the expert group unanimously believed that zhejiang luxiao electronic wire co., ltd. has really done a good job in the implementation of cleaner production, with high-intensity investment, remarkable results in cleaner production, and visible environmental protection work. it is a highly socially responsible company. review and acceptance work ends at 4 pm. in the end, the acceptance team unanimously agreed that zhejiang luxiao electronic wire co., ltd. passed the clean production audit and acceptance.