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luxiao new energy technology holds general manager's office
release time: 2018-03-20      author:correspondents group office/fang xinyan

on the 20th of march, luxiao new energy technology co., ltd. held a general manager office and all middle-level and senior managers attended the meeting.

at the meeting, the new general manager lu junhua made a statement. he said that it is my privilege to join lu xiao, who will soon be able to integrate into the laughter “big family” and, according to the requirements of the laughter culture, unite and lead all the cadres to do a good job and create a better future.

chairman of the board of directors lu xiaojun made an important speech after listening to everyone. he said that laughter new energy is an important industry of the group. it has broad prospects for development, involves many issues, and strengthens the strength of the management team in order to make our new energy industry bigger and stronger and become the industry leader.

chairman lu emphasized that the general manager is both a commander and a combatant. how to make quality, technology, and management lead and link all the work in all directions, which requires the support and cooperation of all departments in concert, relying on the wisdom of everyone. , responsibility and responsibility. laughing dreams and chinese dreams come down in one continuous line. dreams are based on everyone’s hard work and effort to turn dreams into reality.

chairman lu pointed out that everyone came to work together to start a business together, but they did not come to work. being a person is the responsibility of 'doing', 'bitter' is a life, 'tired' is a job, 'duty' is a practice, the pie will not fall in the sky, only the trap will fall, and the price war for new energy products will be inevitable. respond with ease, use everyone's wisdom, hard work, innovation and commitment to make good products, seize the market, and create benefits.

chairman lu finally stated that while the country is developing, our company must keep up with the development of the country's situation. it is in line with the national industrial policy to refine our products and strengthen our industry. we must always put innovation first and technical issues are not. whoever is right or wrong, only in-depth study and continuous innovation can we do a better job and make the market bigger. i hope that the comrades, like the team from xitian in the journey to the west, will learn and learn from the sidelines, and will work together to make the laughing new energy industry the forefront of the domestic industry.

the meeting was chaired by shao zhiyu, director of human resources, and the person in charge of the relevant department of the group company attended the meeting.


luxiao new energy technology co., ltd. general manager office