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luxiao group welcomes the new year workers literary festival party silhouette
release time: 2018-01-23      author:

on january 23rd, lu xiao group's 2017 new year’s workers’ literary and artistic gala was held in the group’s multi-functional hall. the evening performances were performed in the forms of singing and dancing, operas, sketches, and poetry recitals. they used singing together to praise the future and use dance to compile dreams. fully express the lofty spirit and spirit of the cadres and workers who love the party, love the motherland, love life, love and respect the work, and display the new era of workers who use sweat to cast glory and diligently create value.

beijing tianhetong technology co., ltd. yan qi's children sing "congratulations congratulations"

jiangsu ding yang green energy zhuji branch zhu xianzi performs hulu silk moontail pteris

lu xiaoxin energy company si shengbin performs "song skewers"

chairman of the board chairman lu sang "we are not the same"

chairman luo's technique shows "good life safety"

luton electrical and mechanical company yao le, peng fengying and other performances mime pieces, "car corner"

laughing electronic wire company wang yueyan and other performance dance "jazz dance"

chen mingjun of zhejiang zhongke zhengfang electronic technology company sang “chengdu”

laughing electronic wire company wang yueyan and other performances of yue opera drama "you shang lin"

lu xiaofang, fang xiaoyan, hu xiaoyu, yao tiecheng, and zhao xuesong's score poetry recite the “footprinter's footprint”

lu yue electronic wire company wang yueyan and others played "friends"

lutong electromechanical co., ltd. li guifeng and others perform oriental dance "rejoice you, encourage you."

beijing tian haotong technology company gao ya sings "lu lianqing"

president lu yong sings "singing motherland" with everyone