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lu xiao group's 2017 annual summary annual meeting was held
release time: 2018-01-23      author:correspondents group office / zhu yi

on january 23, 2018, lu xiao group's 2017 annual summary annual meeting was held in the multifunctional hall of the office building of zhuji chengxi group. at the meeting, there were vice presidents of various business units of the louxiao group, heads of various functional departments, more than 350 people from various subsidiaries, general managers of branch offices, department heads, employee representatives, and advanced representatives. lu xiaojun, chairman of the group's board of directors, lu yong, chairman of the group and chairman of luxiao technology co., ltd., attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. the annual meeting was chaired by ma xiaoyuan, vice president of the group.

the annual meeting began, all stood up and played the "national anthem of the people's republic of china." according to the agenda of the meeting, cai shen, vice president of the group, read out the personnel adjustment and appointment documents of the louxiao group company and the 2017 “lucky group” list of the louxiao group and held an award ceremony. the representative of advanced collectives and dong yu, chairman of shunyu agriculture co., ltd. made a statement. subsequently, the eleven seats of shen xiaochu, the general manager of luxiao technology co., ltd., the chairman of the branch, and the general manager of the company, represented the company on their respective goals and tasks in 2018, and they unanimously expressed their firm commitment.

lu yong, chairman of the group and chairman of luxiao technology, reviewed the achievements made by the group in production and operations in the past year, and made full arrangements for the development of the group's various industrial sectors in 2018. from a higher level and a higher starting point, it depicts the company's bright future for a new year.

chairman of the board lu xiaojun made an important speech. he proposed to “focus on the core, set up cohesion, communicate pressure, enhance power, enhance effectiveness, refocus on responsibility implementation, pay close attention to management intensification, regain profitability, pay attention to performance assessment, and earnestly implement all tasks.” he built a “hundred-year-old shop” on how to make traditional industries, cultivate “artisan spirit”; strengthen and expand the new energy sector, achieve high-quality growth, and grab gold during the golden season; adhere to the road of military-civilian integration and achieve innovation and development of military enterprises. as well as the capital operation service in the five aspects of the real estate industry, it has been discussed in a comprehensive and systematic way and requires all staff members to use “four more”, “four to do”, “five use”, and “seven-pipe” actions. guideline, strengthen the spirit of pragmatic implementation, and realize the progress of the company from high-quality growth to high-end. chairman lu's speech was repeatedly applauded by the participants.

after the end of the annual meeting, employees held a welcome party for the spring festival.