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safety management starts from me
release time: 2018-04-25      author:wen/lutong electromechanical

when the level of social productivity is very low, humans sometimes take risks in order to survive and operate without security. the families endured the pain of losing their loved ones in silent sighs. when the society develops to the present day, when human beings have the ability to ensure safety and avoid accidents and deaths, people hope to eliminate injuries and live a safe and healthy life forever. therefore, our country has established laws and regulations such as the safe production law, road traffic safety law, and fire protection law to guarantee citizens the right to avoid accidental injury and enjoy personal safety.

security lies in prevention, and accidents come from violations. in a sense, illegal command is like murder, illegal operation is like suicide, both are the enemies that disturb people's safe life. therefore, each of us must start from ourselves and resolutely fight against illegal command and illegal operations. according to statistics, accidental injury or death can cause five to eight relatives of the victims to suffer for the rest of their lives. people feel that harm can be far away from themselves in a calm life. however, a violation of the rules may result in the loss of one's own life or the lives of others. it will bring life-long suffering to their own and others' families.

as a manager, we must have the idea that every employee can “go to work happily” and “go home safely”. we must be fully aware of the important nature of production safety and our own responsibilities. to do a good job in safety production, we must start with the thinking of each employee. only every employee has a sense of responsibility for safety in production, and they carefully implement the operating procedures. in order to achieve "there is no violation of the individual, the team has no accidents", "there is no work-related injuries in the workshop, and there is no accident in the whole plant." in order to achieve this goal, all employees need to work together. as a manager, we must strictly require ourselves to do the following in the production work:

1. carefully implement the rules and regulations for safe production and the safe operation procedures. arrange the work of the employees reasonably and be responsible for the safety of the employees in the production.

2. regularly organize employees to learn safety procedures, supervise employee safety awareness, and constantly improve self-protection capabilities.

3. seriously implement safety rules and regulations, open a good class meeting, do not violate regulations, take risks, and wear safety helmets and labor protection products during operation.

4. regularly check the safety situation at the operation site, whether there are any hidden troubles, find a problem in time, and report to the leader.

5. conscientiously do a good job security education for new employees.

6. strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of equipment and on-the-job training for operators to improve the responsibility of the staff.

7. strengthen the team self-inspection of safety self-inspection, to strengthen the inspection of key equipment, timely detection of hidden dangers, to eliminate the accident in the bud.

8. strengthen staff learning and improve the overall quality of the team.

9. to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees and encourage them to make more recommendations for the rationalization of safe production.

all employees will make concerted efforts to go all out to work in safety production, follow the leadership of the distribution, strictly abide by the safety production rules and regulations, and strive to achieve safety in production without accidents.