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reduce costs, increase efficiency, increase efficiency, and promote development
release time: 2018-04-25      author:wen/lu xiaoxin energy zhang zhouhuan

at the beginning of the new year of 2018, luxin new energy technology department conducted new thinking and discussion on the process research and development of the company's products in light of the actual situation of the company, and formulated a comprehensive technology research and development program to reduce costs and improve efficiency, and fully implement the company's products r&d demand has achieved certain results.

i. r&d of the rse28a assembly line completed

the investment required for the rse28a assembly line originally solved by outsourcing is large. our department took the initiative to assume this task. in april, the initial design of the project, from drawing to manufacturing, was finally completed and commissioned in early july and was officially put into production. its assembly efficiency was higher than that of the rs-wx18 assembly line. compared with the outsourcing assembly line price, the rs-wx18 assembly line requires more than 1.2 million yuan in outsourcing funds, but it costs only more than 200,000 yuan through its own manufacturing, which greatly saves the company money.

ii. the completion of the research and development of the automatic feeding tooling for the punch press workshop

the successful r&d of punching workshop automatic feeding tooling not only satisfies the automatic operation of the feeding tooling, but also improves the man-hour utilization rate of the punching staff. while improving the efficiency and simplifying the process, the quality problems that the original manual operation could not avoid appearing in the product have been solved, and the safety of the personnel has also been guaranteed. compared with the 80,000 funds required for outsourcing, our department only manufactures itself by itself. the cost of 10,000 yuan has, to a large extent, saved the company some money.

in the face of new challenges and opportunities, how to rely on technological innovation to solve the problems of low production efficiency and cost pressure has always been a difficult point for the development of the enterprise, and is also the core goal of all engineers. the ministry of arts and crafts has always been the core idea of reducing costs, increasing efficiency, increasing profits, and promoting development. it uses advanced manufacturing technologies to cover the company's production processes and effectively promotes the sustainable development of the company.